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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

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530c9e  No.771492[Reply]

The untold secret of why Roman Catholics actually love baptists like Steven Anderson and wish there were more like him.

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530c9e  No.771871


>there is a critical distinction between Sola Scriptura of Reformed though and the King-James-Onlyism of Independent Fundamentalist Baptists

Care to explain?

cfc084  No.771876


It just comes down to traditions once again.

495c91  No.771891


If God prophesied the abuse and murder of the Messiah centuries before the Son entered into flesh, doesn't that mean He allowed those sins to take place in time?

Course Calvinists believe that the LORD will judge the world according to their sins, but it wasn't like He didn't know what would've and prevented certain atrocities.

I'm curious what your answer to this, as I have always struggled with this question.

bd0227  No.771938


>doesn't that mean He allowed those sins to take place in time?

Yes but the question is did God want those sins to take place? White is trying to claim that if God cannot save a person against their own will then it's a limitation of his power, Horn is pointing out that God wants to save all people but He isn't going to impose it on them, it is not a limitation of his power much like the fact God wants all men to reject sin but clearly sin still exists is not a limitation of His power.

de6717  No.771940


Ironically, I had the opposite change after watching his debates.

File: 2d92193643811f8⋯.jpeg (75.48 KB, 618x741, 206:247, 4966DB7E-4D3B-4FFE-B98D-6….jpeg)

0278f1  No.771747[Reply]

I was arguing with a nontheist today about the presence of things such as sickness in the world. I replied that tribulations build patience, and that things like this humble us and tedt our faith.

However, this sparked a tangent in which he asked why God had to test things if he was truly omniscent. I said that God can comprehend all things that was, are, and will be, as well as everything that could have been or may be, knowing every outcome to the infinite possible choices we are faced with; so it is not a test of God's knowledge but testing us, as we are endowed with free will.

He then argued that God's omniscience would mean that our free will wasn't actually free, and that he was responsible for our faults since he was our creator who knew the things we would do wrong. My response was that, first, the ability of God to know every possible outcome does not prevent us from choosing to do wrong, nor does it mean that God is at fault for our wrongdoings. Additionally, I noted that the entire argument hinged on the idea that we comprehend reality on the level of God (since the full extent of God is knowable to us) and not in the severely limited capacity of our perception. I don't think he was satisfied with this answer though. I'm knew to debating about theology with people, how would you guys have gone about it? How would you explain that God knows everything yet we are still capable of free will?

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dfc2de  No.771862


Time proceeds from God, and God is in it the same way as logic proceeds from God and he's in accordance with it.

a70c5b  No.771878


Being in accordance with something isn't the same as being subject to it. It means He sets the standard.

94922e  No.771892


Pretty much this. I personally hink of it as a non-linear view of time/something beyond human comprehension, like with Abraham and Sodom.

12dee3  No.771893


Does this mean God's prophecies can be potentially wrong?

a70c5b  No.771930


>Does this mean God's prophecies can be potentially wrong?

Of course not. God knows all possibilities AND the actual outcome of all things.

File: 8a248a14afe7dc9⋯.jpeg (138.27 KB, 750x500, 3:2, 1P19.jpeg)

File: 831c5dba6d1b007⋯.jpeg (53.31 KB, 600x315, 40:21, 1P216.jpeg)

File: 72a144cc3c6880b⋯.jpeg (23.09 KB, 474x242, 237:121, 1P215.jpeg)

a7005e  No.771587[Reply]


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3b20d3  No.771651

eb0b7e  No.771666

Protestant schizo behavior are always 10/10

6976ad  No.771857

b799a1  No.771874






>babby's first troll

D'awwww. So cute.

455536  No.771886


Islam and the RCC combining! Will pray towards Mecca or the Vatican?

File: 2f220e8c14ef8ca⋯.png (265.81 KB, 512x512, 1:1, unnamed.png)

78591a  No.771201[Reply]

I love Jesus so much

I wish I found him earlier

I love you God

I love your book

I love it all

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3fe017  No.771873


Well because James teaches faith alone is false, so obviously he's wrong. We don't need papists in our Holy book.

0d4cc9  No.771875


Not him but it's pretty obvious the Bible says faith in Jesus is key and most important but works/repentance are there also

3fe017  No.771877


Which is why we removed James

0d4cc9  No.771879


KJV has James tho

3fe017  No.771882


Thats a book of papist lites

File: 48a5fb9b4cf244b⋯.jpeg (130.8 KB, 692x1024, 173:256, 8C5B504D-8C0D-4959-B7B6-F….jpeg)

File: 27bc259062514f7⋯.jpeg (245.2 KB, 1793x1793, 1:1, 6118C378-2C5F-414B-8613-9….jpeg)

File: c397bf22eb3ae21⋯.gif (70.88 KB, 320x248, 40:31, 3BC6F6A7-E005-46C5-A249-CF….gif)

File: 076af8c6a2fe97a⋯.jpeg (42.57 KB, 400x320, 5:4, 5403E53A-355D-4336-9F3D-C….jpeg)

070822  No.771394[Reply]

Why do dandy lions produce pollen?

Why do snakes have a pelvis?

An why do humans have a tail bone?


26 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2481c4  No.771828



Just let him be.

You know you're better than arguing with a primate about celestial subjects.

498653  No.771829


that's uncharitable

2481c4  No.771830


Trust me.

Once you fall into their gnostic hole, not losing your mind will be the most charitable thing you can wish for.

7fbe95  No.771833


>Once you fall into their gnostic hole, not losing your mind will be the most charitable thing you can wish for.

100000% fact

f80bd0  No.771842


I honestly can't tell if this is bait

The crop milk some birds produce is quite different from mammalian milk in a number of ways, it is just also able to be produced by parents to feed their young

Being on land isn't some trait. Dolphins & whales are most closely related to hippos and you can see this in a number of ways. This is about the same level of logic of bats being birds as they both fly.

Mammals aren't defined by live birth, rather, the mammal literally comes from the latin for breast. They all have mammaries to feed their young, have fur or hair, and a couple other things.

I honestly can't tell if this whole thread is bait, I'd expect something more theological on a christian board, but I guess this is what happens when you get americans posting.

File: 2fbdc7b38100ced⋯.jpg (68.93 KB, 600x473, 600:473, WorthIt.jpg)

9ca868  No.771494[Reply]

This is my first time in 8chan/Christian so I hope you'll all give me the benefit of the doubt and allow me to demonstrate to you that I am a true and legitimate follower of Christ.

This is the only chan that I know of anywhere on the Internet (except for those few, rare chans that are exclusively Christian chans) that actually has a Christian board. I have never seen another. Anyway, I hope you'll all welcome me as a brother in Christ with humility, Agape and joy that we all share in a life in Christ.

So, as the image suggests, how would you describe those parts of your life in Christ as making it worth it?

14 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

1c5646  No.771764

24f3fc  No.771772


>Prots paved the way for liberalism and will always maintain it.

Sadly you are right.

adbaad  No.771774


the correct term is "heretical", which protestants technically all are, barring some invincible ignorance


dante is way better than dostoevsky bro

1c5646  No.771831


Heresy is on any given doctrine, but apostasy is falling away from the fundamental cause of Christianity. Catholics have done so.

1c5646  No.771840

File: 153c966763b0701⋯.png (4.3 MB, 2381x1250, 2381:1250, maze meme.png)


Bro again I'm not trying to overstep but you've got another broken meme. Really it's no problem I have an extra.

File: 8da749e9e94d5d0⋯.png (376.47 KB, 1449x510, 483:170, PaidBotFedora.png)

File: 834dd8b5cec696f⋯.png (319.31 KB, 805x632, 805:632, ReeditFedora.png)

042be7  No.759732[Reply]

Well, it's a rhetorical question of course, but notice (((how))) they always put some kind of garbage propaganda in the very front page, things like anti-Trump, pro-vaccine, pro-"climate change", anti-christian posts,…

Funny, they never put the same questions in the front page if you change "Bible" with "Torah" or "Koran". There is only one religion that you are (((allowed))) to doubt and attack.

43 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

63ef11  No.771432

>going to Reddit in the first place

To answer your question, they are of their father, the Devil.

651dbe  No.771442


I know the government is corrupt and all but it’s not that bad

f4cf79  No.771578

File: b4a1bf60c77f467⋯.jpeg (198.16 KB, 808x960, 101:120, serveimage (15).jpeg)


>I know the government is corrupt and all but it’s not that bad



Just trust them guys, the mega corporations have our best interests in mind

cf056e  No.771799

The "anti-vax mom" meme is a psyop to shift the blame and ridicule of the re-emergence of certain diseases from the 30 million illegals from third world countries onto a safe target, i.e, white women.

610c6e  No.771807


This is the only issue where people get demonized for not putting a foreign substance in their body every year. The attitude towards it is bizarre. If these people are so concerned about public health, why don't they support, for example, banning people with HIV from having sex? That would be an egregious violation of personal rights, but forcibly injecting people isn't.

File: d28aa09a028e60a⋯.jpg (101.82 KB, 1200x676, 300:169, 1550150967462.jpg)

8656e2  No.770914[Reply]


>Timothy Hauschultz ordered Ethan Hauschultz to be punished by carrying a heavy wooden log, weighing 44 pounds (about two-thirds of the boy’s body weight), for two hours around a pre-determined path in a snowy area outside their home.

>Ethan died of hypothermia, but also had extensive other injuries, including blunt force injuries to his head, chest and abdomen, and a rib fracture, the medical examiner determined, the complaint states.

>Damian said he had to carry wood for not knowing 13 Bible verses to Timothy’s satisfaction. The punishment was one week of carrying wood for two hours per day. Timothy picked out the logs, but Damian had to supervise the punishment for the younger children.

8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d43466  No.771073


Atheist morality is worse because they can lie that murder isn't murder by slapping a different label onto it. It's all semantics with these idiots instead of the action itself.

ada9d7  No.771206


Why did you post this? What point were you trying to make? Sadistic people will use whatever they can to excuse their abuse, including distorted religion. It's a sad story, but there are a lot of those.

9d4cc0  No.771209

Child rapes, abuse are still part of God's plan. Christian's who are weak love to go around these question.

9d4cc0  No.771210


You know what, that kid is blessed because he won't be around shit people anymore

209421  No.771725



why you talking to yourself?

File: 3b898572e6e585a⋯.png (320.17 KB, 899x1284, 899:1284, 1545265847150.png)

15be9a  No.767851[Reply]

Which modern English language Bible should I read if I'm orthodox lutheran? Bible app has lots of different English translations. No, English is not my first language, and no, I don't really have time to study differences between translations myself as interesting as it is, and no, I'm not going to read KJV for same reason I don't read ye olde translations in my own language. I'll tell for anyone interested that if you ever need to select Finnish Bible, both 1938 and 1992 are considered good translations. Steer clear of so-called "new world translation" which is heretical JW translation.

64 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d964e6  No.771563


>It's not "changing" God's word.

Recommending the "Tree of Life" version, the DRB, NAB and Evangelical Heritage version is changing God's word though. That's what the post did.

>And I don't know what you mean by redefining English words.

All I meant there was taking the established meaning of a word and expanding it. It's really not something that should compel you to use corrupted versions like the "Tree of Life" version or whatever else. But according to that post, what he cares about is this and all the other major changes between these versions he couldn't care less about. And not only that, but he would even come onto a board and recommend others use these versions.

>Simply because they saw fit to NOT translate it themselves.

All I'm asking is for people to apply a similar level of reasoning to the whole scripture and realize that all the modern changes that are out there go far beyond such cases as this. There are major instances of deleted and changed words that affect major doctrine to be considered. To recommend four different, conflicting versions then is a case of great irresponsibility.

For instance, the "TLV" and others delete the words "but after the Spirit" from Romans 8:1. They delete the words "for them that trust in riches" from Mark 10:24. They delete the words "without a cause" from Matthew 5:22. Some of them change the words "I must work" to "We must work" in John 9:4. These are of great significance and it's just the tip of the iceberg of changes. How can you recommend multiple bibles at once when they don't even say the same things in these places.

6204a8  No.771572


Anon didn't recommend it as much as suggest the irony or such of it having the 'amen'. The rest were mentioned for including it and the Lutheran one was recommended to OP.

ff7536  No.771579

File: 327668bcf2afb54⋯.gif (64.85 KB, 434x267, 434:267, spurgeoncigarad.gif)


>For instance, the "TLV" and others delete the words

Your deliberate exclusion of the reasons for this is the real omission.

dcf59a  No.771622


>Anon didn't recommend it as much as suggest the irony…

So are we splitting hairs over this, but meanwhile ignoring all the massive faults in differences between the versions? He recommended it in that he failed to mention these glaring faults and only spoke positively about it. He only spoke positively about these translations, as if they all agreed.

>The rest were mentioned for including it and the Lutheran one was recommended to OP.

Again, he only spoke positively about them and gave the impression that they all said the same thing, to the point that they could be listed together.

But the reality is each of them is vastly different from each other and each has many more significant departures than this. Why is that undeniable fact so loosely regarded?


>Your deliberate exclusion of the reasons for this is the real omission.

The reasons for what? What is this vague insinuation? Why are you being so ambiguous, is it because you have absolutely no idea what you're saying?

In case you didn't know better, each of the "versions" mentioned handles all four passages differently. The "TLV" and "NAB" remove more from Romans 8:1 than what I mentioned. They remove "who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." The DRB only removes "but after the Spirit" but includes the rest. So which is it?

Only some of them remove Mark 10:24, but the DRB only removes Matthew 5:22, so which is it? The EHV meanwhile keeps both Matthew 5:22 and Mark 10:24, yet it removes all of the parts from Romans 8:1. So which variation is it in each of these places, and why would you include them all in the same list when none agree, even on these few (very important) places? And moreover, why would you act like these differences don't exist and allow the possibility that someone woulPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

144637  No.771700

File: 8074b1965954490⋯.jpeg (6.52 KB, 284x177, 284:177, images.jpeg)


Oh anon, there's no need to be so forthright all the time, what joy is life then? Such stringency is best reserved for more solemn events.

File: 27b616eec6408a8⋯.png (304.24 KB, 678x678, 1:1, 27b616eec6408a87410eddf040….png)

0c054f  No.722715[Reply]

A thread for Christians of every denomination also for non-Christians who seek help.

Single eh? you must probably improve yourself first before you seek for life partner.

>Marriage Advice

Baptists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRqMG0W37-Q

Catholics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbhDCmzX4mw

By C.S Lewis: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7AXi4-_HPRk&list=PL5I_DVzcDG5jWpIy2j23Qnc03YsbJnIsH

The Necessity of Chivalry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBT9LasyC3E

Focus on the Family broadcast: https://www.focusonthefamily.com/media/daily-broadcast


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

? Hippocrates

Resources for Ketogenic diet:

Dr. Eric Berg: https://www.youtube.com/user/drericberg123 (best source if you're an absolute beginner)

The Ketogenic bible: http://b-ok.cc/book/2823443/e965b0 (a must read before you start your diet)

Your brain on ketosis: Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

301 posts and 98 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f06089  No.771740

File: 58d602d5f2286c4⋯.jpg (126.06 KB, 600x450, 4:3, 1548363657867.jpg)


Hell yeah anon.

17443f  No.773869

How autistic is it to ask my mom for advice on asking a girl out? She could give me date ideas. A lot of dating tips don't really work for Christians if we aren't just looking to sleep together.

7b4729  No.773927

File: 1277e1e425c0be0⋯.gif (2.65 MB, 540x350, 54:35, 1550778114772.gif)


It's all fine, she's your mom so nothing wrong in asking for help. You could also befriend a woman and ask her for help.

49db44  No.773958

What do after rejection?

ee2709  No.774280


I've never even gotten that far. I can't work up the courage to ask her because I'm an insecure beta faggot. I wish I could help you brother.

File: dad1aa0849a7727⋯.jpg (28.73 KB, 300x383, 300:383, ReturnofTheNephilim.jpg)

753af2  No.767884[Reply]

I have this old friend who can't stop referencing the man. Missler teaches bible codes, ancient astronauts, the anti christ is going to appear in the iraq war and garbage that 90% of american evangelicals probably believe in some way. I can't get through to my friend with logic, so I was just changing the subject for years, but a couple days ago he embarassed himself so badly I wanted to shake him until Chucky Missler fell out his ear. Has anybody soundly debunked this fool yet? I can't find anything that would convince him. A link to an essay or a video would be greatly appreciated. This bible code horse shit was pushed hard in the 90s, and I feel like it only subsided recently. His kind spread false prophecy about the end of the world and get away with it by saying they were only making predictions. This gay earth.

15 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

b2c119  No.771043

Message transcends time domain…all shall be revealed without hesitation

7a367a  No.771048


Than stop wasting time and do it already.

cd165d  No.771124

time Will telll and tell it shall…for truth is truth and can not be undone by man or beast

fe8a10  No.771126

File: 451926fe4a75618⋯.jpg (11.37 KB, 259x194, 259:194, images (11).jpg)

fac045  No.771687

One day closer to the truth,,,that which evil, limited to a finite of dimensions can not impede upon in the coming days…prepare for muted response upon deaf ears where light has no refuge among the lost and moments of sarcastic rebuttal are no more…reply with your last strength of resistance and wait for the answer you have impatiently been searching for…CM

File: 9a2b8188b326848⋯.jpg (41.45 KB, 768x384, 2:1, ellen-chris-1547590697.jpg)

81931c  No.769361[Reply]

No threads about this shitstorm yet?


83 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

0edea0  No.771541

File: e91e96920dc836d⋯.png (423.18 KB, 1024x609, 1024:609, 2019_02_15_103243.png)



>There is a gang of angry sodomites outside

>I don't know what they want

>but at this point im too afraid to ask

4137d3  No.771542


how do i unsub

0edea0  No.771546


Delet system 32 folder

8faf77  No.771551

File: f99249f4c7a5347⋯.jpg (11.72 KB, 180x280, 9:14, download (10).jpg)


>that genesis 19:5 reference


This makes me want to unironically write a movie script based on Lot and his time he and his family spent in the wicked cities. Pratt would make an excellent Lot. He just exudes wholesomeness and innocence in a den of vipers.

a0aa6e  No.771618


>You seem a little butthurt about this, anon. Are you his brother than you are responsible for his behaviour?

Yes, I am my brother's keeper.

File: 05104663b4d970b⋯.jpeg (78.97 KB, 1480x832, 185:104, 160123-moss-god-trust-tea….jpeg)

7c4d66  No.767293[Reply]

What is your favorite Christian motto?

64 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

b97859  No.770969

General Yuri (Idol) Discussion Thread

We love /christian/! Please visit us!

Current thread: https://boards.4chan.org/u/thread/2820706

551e29  No.771027


Thats the weirdest christian motto ive ever heard.

0476f8  No.771057


They must belong to one of those new Neopentecostal churches.

743765  No.771611

File: ad1f3ba89a3ca9b⋯.jpeg (81.1 KB, 498x500, 249:250, 1PUNISHER PATCH.jpeg)



743765  No.771612

File: 3f3921d8db016c4⋯.jpeg (135.09 KB, 935x539, 85:49, 1USM-PUNISHERS.jpeg)

File: 99ab4e889c49dc2⋯.jpg (70.22 KB, 612x881, 612:881, ayla.JPG)

e9e724  No.769704[Reply]

Is she /ourgirl/?

86 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

c3c678  No.771555


I really hope no one on this board thinks Mormons are Christians

95fcd6  No.771558

File: 03f4cacd915aac4⋯.jpg (40.98 KB, 384x512, 3:4, alw65.jpg)

File: b6a77718193d657⋯.jpg (193.27 KB, 505x430, 101:86, Deedsoftheantichrist2580-d….jpg)


I think all the Morons-…I mean Mormons stopped bothering us last summer. I hope they don't come back. It's so tiresome explaining to them why Jesus and Satan aren't brothers.

46541e  No.771565

>herpa derp mormon

wow….just…WOW….you guys are Christian SJWs. This is why there is so much disunity and infighting between all types of Christians and denominations and exactly the same thing that I see happening with the right and left wing. I thought you were better!

c3c678  No.771566


To be fair as you know the second pic is the antichrist and the devil. You know, in the book of revelation there definitely is a Trinity of devils, there are two beasts and the AntiChrist. Malachi Martin apparently said that Lucifer is like the Father, Satan is like the Holy Spirit and the AntiChrist is like Christ. I remember realizing there was an unholy trinity (although they are separate beings instead of one being), and we always hear that the devil tries to ape/imitate go

a58bbe  No.771567


>believe in absolute batty nonscripture

>wonder why Christians want nothing to do with you


File: 0716b90cd12d643⋯.jpeg (47.13 KB, 886x590, 443:295, 36A2964E-A70E-482A-9745-D….jpeg)

cb36cb  No.770732[Reply]

Stuff like prostration for example? I know the prayer of Saint Ephrem, are there any more? I like taking time to do a ritual rather than just sitting still with my hands clasped. I was thinking of doing the Muslim prayer thing but saying Christian prayers instead like the Our Father, but that seems like syncretism to me so I decided against it. Any recs?

28 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

cb36cb  No.771467




Thank you for making a helpful replies

cb36cb  No.771468


You too

525af6  No.771525

File: 2d6c0f2ade334fc⋯.mp4 (9.5 MB, 1920x1080, 16:9, genuflection-gondola.mp4)

>implying all prayers cannot involve prostration

525af6  No.771528


>they didn't know

gtfo. Was prostrating before God when you were still a seed in daddy-anon's truffles

Copying Christ, ftw


>implying all prostration isn't an admission of "I cannot, you alone, Lord, can"

We shouldn't recoil from this attitude.

bc0ac7  No.771560


I literally never said that meditation is bad.

And like I said, stretching is ok.

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