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For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

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The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?

File: cc55e2b95717ed8⋯.jpg (122.57 KB, 552x621, 8:9, zen.jpg)

b7cf74  No.741246[Reply]

Whats /christian/ take on meditation?

Heresy, or another way to find god?

I personally find a great instrument to find spiritual peace, become aware to the present and feel gods grace, And you know, mute those perky nasty thoughts.

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800b0c  No.762770


You're perogative if you respond or not but if you think that in anyway you speak truth or I falsehood where we disagree then I would ask u to consider that said falsehoods (from your perspective) going unchallenged could lead anons to be misled if you don't reply

b7cf74  No.772532

Quick bump, sorry anon, I will reply eventually but I kinda lost it with other stuff.

c2f3c4  No.772655


lol nice to know anon, await your reply in your own time. Just impressed you retained the same ID throughout, does that mean your machine has been turned on and connected to the internet continuously since at least mid December when you made your first reply?

43542a  No.773129


He could just use static ip

162e84  No.773135


Prayer is a form of meditation, I'd wager.

File: a5ad55436eec841⋯.jpg (34.08 KB, 496x500, 124:125, 51BD TKgVjL.jpg)

ba8f4a  No.772285[Reply]

What's yours? Mine is 1 John, such a beautiful message of hope, love and faith.

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5b033e  No.773097


I'd be scared as a Catholic to read Hebrews

b3cb93  No.773100


The Acts

34d175  No.773101


7301f5  No.773104


Corinthians and Hebrews, Hebrews specifically highlights Jesus's fulfilment of the OT I feel

23834e  No.773122


I'd be scared as a Protestant to read James.

File: 2899aade3edbb11⋯.png (617.88 KB, 600x1594, 300:797, victory.png)

416c3c  No.553707[Reply]

New meme thread because the old one is autosaging, starting with a request: I need the exploitable 8ch logo, have this crop in return

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9e18df  No.772926

File: 9ff3f294899d54d⋯.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.31 KB, 672x596, 168:149, the-aliens-Jesus.jpg)





>I get that you didn't mean any disrespect to Christ with this webm dude …

Thank you for at least not flying off the handle, all of you, and expressing discomfort without the vitriol I am so used to here.

I don't mind. I didn't make it, so I'm not hurt by the criticism.

I am a little surprised, since I picked the meme up from a previous meme thread on this very board where it seemed to attract no negative press.

But I get that /christian/ of six months ago is never going to be the /christian/ of today

And I get the reasons belying critiques of today.

Guess I won't post it here again.

I will, however, offer this one thought for your consideration.

We've had some discussions here before about "Christ on other planets". There seems to have been an acceptance, if not a consensus, that Christ could have walked amongst other exo-peoples obviously in their form if they exist that is, if the concept of aliens isn't just the debil's trickery as some asserted

(pic related) spoilered to avoid triggerations

You might see where I am going, but that isn't entirely my point: If Gondola is an artistic expression of humanity, albeit a quirky cartoon one, should we exclude Christ from it? Ought we always cede to non-Christians the entire palette of artistry. And, if not, ought we not make plain, within that context, the most important of Christ's events?

I understand that it may seem to "trivialise" the most important event in all of history, to cartoon-ify the crucifixion, buPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

9e18df  No.772928



sorry, wrong choice of word, only meant "underlying"

053654  No.772975


>If Gondola is an artistic expression of humanity, albeit a quirky cartoon one, should we exclude Christ from it?

What do you think God will think of that on the day of your judgement? I would reflect on that for a while if I were you. God bless.

b14431  No.773030

File: 89bf06c13587933⋯.gif (2.79 MB, 602x250, 301:125, 1550058761133081.gif)

4a16da  No.773118

File: 838304fd7a2d597⋯.jpg (47.23 KB, 536x710, 268:355, 838304fd7a2d597c30dda740a4….jpg)

File: b7976910f548f19⋯.jpg (43.33 KB, 800x500, 8:5, 1-2.jpg)

f43b5c  No.763310[Reply]

What are some good Christian YouTubers who use their platform in order to speak truth and guidance? Is Fr. Mike Schmitz good?

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0ea53e  No.771863


I know how confirm it. Sedes are even more crazy about their succession laws than even the staunchest Catholics.


Believe all the footnotes you want, won't make either of those bozos more or less holier-than-thou than they already are.

Damn gnostics.

Let me see them do miracles, if they're beyond doing charity and helping those in need.

Otherwise let them spew whatever vile upon others. God will sort us all out either way.

23741d  No.771923

If you're interested in geopolitics from a Christian perspective, Blackstone Intelligence is pretty good:


6ea129  No.771932

I'm pretty fond of Theopneustos man.

1e13db  No.772454

I found Brohoshaphat G here 2 years ago and his casual discussions have been perfect to watch for breakfast. He also talks about porn addiction and how to get rid of it in great detail so thats a bonus.



44c480  No.773109

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 0abf58081ef83be⋯.jpg (435.93 KB, 790x480, 79:48, SOD-0722-SaintMaryMagdalen….jpg)

9f792b  No.741747[Reply]

<Ecclesiastes 7

>25 I turned my heart to know and to search out and to seek wisdom and the scheme of things, and to know the wickedness of folly and the foolishness that is madness.

>26 And I find something more bitter than death: the woman whose heart is snares and nets, and whose hands are fetters. He who pleases God escapes her, but the sinner is taken by her.

They are the most gracious beings, capable of love, caring, healing, through which life is birth. Yet they can also the cruelest, enchant men into their charms and then leave them in shambles.

This thread is devoted to discussing the true nature of women, to most of which, are completely unaware themselves.

Not specifically relationship advice, for those have specific threads, but to come with analysis and understanding, and interpretation of the bible regarding them.

Something I would valuable not only for young men, but to settled men who wish to understand their partners better, and even women themselves to understand their inner feminine essence.

170 posts and 68 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

d68716  No.757336

File: 8e8097ea755ad98⋯.png (5.9 KB, 211x239, 211:239, 1547703075760.png)


>that entire blog

9f792b  No.757479


Such is life in the zone my friend, read the thread and get some perspective.

But basically, because of societal changes:

>girls are being to develop their masculine side more, become independent strong womyn and muh feminism

>meanwhile boys are being told to let go of their masculinity, plus being baited by rampant pornography and degeneracy, and no basis for role models on how to behave

This causes women to be superior than most men, the end effect of this large change in balance is yet to be seen.

But for one I can say something is coming up, that is uber masculinity, for those who survive the forsaken battlefield of dating. Another is female tendency hypergamy, but only with those few uber males. And yet another even unpredictable outcome, may be from the women losing touch even more with their feminine side not knowing exactly what to do.

9f792b  No.768313

Gonna take this opportunity to bump and remind of something I saw a while ago.

I think that thread was deleted, but it posed a good question:

How do you still keep attracted to your wife

This is indeed a interesting and challenging question, because it will get harder as she develops to be your life partner, best friend, household administrator, mother and eventually more.

First I would like to hear what you guys have to say, virgin and husbands alike.

1a923b  No.772943

The more I dive into relationships/attempts to make women interested the more I see how naive I was all my growing up.

Everything feminists/modern culture tells you women want/appreciate is a lie. They want you to lead, to be the man even if they claim the exact opposite.


Tough one. One of my vices is that I lose interest in the woman with time because I am autistic and do not value what I already have. This has destroyed my relationship once.

34350e  No.773107


you're wrong. Masculine pride is male dignity - it is natural, good, and you have a duty as a man to preserve it. It is in part why masturbation is wrong, because it is shameful against this innate dignity you are made for.

You are mistaking natural male dignity for pride.

File: ce635ed5fd51019⋯.jpg (118.01 KB, 600x913, 600:913, shitposter being punished.jpg)

85c0a8  No.772678[Reply]

What are some virtuous hobbies for a Christian? I spend way too much time on a computer, in front of a screen, and have no idea how to spend my time in a positive way other than praying or reading about the faith. I tend to burn myself out spiritually, and I'm either only focused on God or completely shutting him out with entertainment

16 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

2a633b  No.772967

hobbies are slavery

bdc4a5  No.772993

Gregorian chant, learning to chant the psalms, memorizing the psalms

b632e8  No.772995


Can I make it as ugly as possible and completely useless?

a29e50  No.773016

659b23  No.773090



Gonna have to third gardening. Leaving aside the Adam and Eve thing it's too easy for modern people to spend all their time inside and lose appreciation for the growing things.

File: a2b2479829fa9f2⋯.png (3.69 MB, 1920x1023, 640:341, Daley Coming Out.png)

481fcf  No.772130[Reply]

Gay Catholic Priests Speak Out…

One priest in Wisconsin said he assumed every priest is gay unless he knows for a fact he is not. A priest in Florida put it this way: “A third are gay, a third are straight, and a third don’t know what the hell they are.”


"I really am gay," Father Greiten, now a priest near Milwaukee, remembered telling himself for the first time. For years, church leaders have driven gay congregants away in shame and insisted that " homosexual tendencies " are "disordered. The stories of gay priests are unspoken, veiled from the outside world, known only to one another, if they are known at all. Fewer than about 10 priests in the United States have dared to come out publicly. But gay men likely make up at least 30 to 40 percent of the American Catholic clergy, according to dozens of estimates from gay priests themselves and researchers. The environment for gay priests has grown only more dangerous. And yet prominent bishops have singled out gay priests as the root of the problem, and right-wing media organizations attack what they have called the church's "homosexual subculture," " lavender mafia," or " gay cabal. This week, Pope Francis will host a much-anticipated summit on sex abuse with bishops from around the world. When Pope Francis uttered his revolutionary question, "Who am I to judge? "The vast majority of gay priests are not safe," said Father Bob Bussen, a priest in Park City, Utah, who was outed about 12 years ago after he held Mass for the L.G.B.T.Q. community.

Today, training for the priesthood in the United States usually starts in or after college. Many gay priests spoke of being pulled between denial and confusion, finally coming out to themselves in their 30s or 40s. Father Greiten was 24 when he realized he was gay and considered jumping from his dorm window. "There will be a time in your life when you will look baPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

26 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f2722d  No.772627


There's only one reason to discuss it, and that's to push a homosexual agenda in the Church. If they loved God more than they loved buttholes, they'd keep their mouths shut.

9803d3  No.772644


It's funny everytime a scandal gets out the media always says the church should end the celibacy and should accept gays and women "priests".

Every winnie the pooh time.

The pedo shit is just their trojan horse to make the church of Rome the church of England 2.0. no offence meant Anglo bros

c54274  No.772656


But of course. Nearly all homosexuals today are incapable of remaining celibate, so it's no surprise the (((elites))) want to do away with the vow to celibacy. Anyone who believes that those men would stop diddling teenage boys if they had adult wives are delusional… they're far too down the rabbit hole of sexual degeneracy to care for missionary sex with a woman their age.

6257b3  No.772891


Exactly this.

I don't understand how someone who wants to winnie the pooh a woman, winnie the poohs small boys. It's 100% gay and married priests ain't gonna change that.

If they wanted to winnie the pooh girls all they had to do is taking off the collar and go to the nearest disco (or wtv young people are into to these days) and get some random whore.

18cf46  No.773084


>The event has worried gay priests.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b8451d  No.771360[Reply]

What does /Christian/ think of Jay Dyer?

89 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

8a5e45  No.772652


>that he likely doesn't read?

Sure thing, Jay..

ef058e  No.772657


>1: Farrell and Dugin are obviously nutcases and not to be trusted.

Farrell shows up twice on Dyer’s recommended reading list. Thick books on nature of East/West and Christology. Dyer interviews Dugin and generally shares anti-West sentiment. Both conceive of Moscow as Third Rome. Spencer too has a weird fascination with Rome.

>2: Kallistos Ware is nearly the James Martin of Orthos, so I don't know what interpretive retardation might be going on in his mind, but what does he actually say in that respect?


>3: I've frequently heard the comparison of the EED to kabbalah

For the history of it, check out Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together, long-been-banned book in English, available just recently https://anonfile.com/A7f8R9ebb6/200_Years_Together.pdf - if you don’t trust the link, you can google an alternative. Crazy how susceptible 15th century Orthodox Russia was to the Judaizing heresy.

As for the theology, here is academic paper by Michael Morbey http://web.ncf.ca/an359/parallels_byzantine-hesychast_divine_essence-energies.pdf

007e0c  No.772685


Judaizing is always a temptation, as EMJ frequently points out with respect to Calvinism and the whole Puritan ethos of America.

31a990  No.772787



>Latin America



>Central Africa

>North Korea


What are you talking about. These are all ongoing pushes I can come up with just off of the top of my head.

9ed34d  No.773073

no one's going to take you seriously if you dont learn greek and latin jay

File: 2c8feda1e44154c⋯.png (684.05 KB, 833x1350, 833:1350, 2c8feda1e44154c37271d20a8e….png)

12bdc7  No.772823[Reply]

One of the modern interventions that bible and Christians hardly clarify is the donation of reproductive cells. In several case of marriage either or both the husband or wife are infertile and if the couple still wishes to have a child, one method is to utilize foreign sperm or eggs into the mistress's womb.

Would this not be considered adultery because the person who gives their DNA will combines with the donor's (not their partner's) or can adultery only be characterized under a personal interaction between people?

35 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

6f35a3  No.773025

File: 2f72a19d924e107⋯.jpg (76.87 KB, 556x760, 139:190, Ivan Karamazov.jpg)


It's threads like these that make me wonder about some Christians…

9de8b6  No.773031





2a3c67  No.773038


Well, hopefully this post is enough to convince people that adoption is okay.

b29d97  No.773047


Maybe God has other plans for that woman (ie is humbling her for a sin she committed in the past or He wants her to adopt, etc).

bc1339  No.773102


So does Jesus. Matthew 5:28 KJV

<But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.

File: 46171e86985bedf⋯.jpg (44.24 KB, 624x600, 26:25, 46171e86985bedf5924e75c351….jpg)

ac84fd  No.772614[Reply]

I'm reading the 1611 KJV, and it's slow going to say the least. I'm currently on the book of Elazar. Is this something that is supposed to be accomplished in a relatively short time span? There are so many pages, Anons. With all the Apocrypha included it must be one of the longest books ever written. Any good strategies or advice? How long did it take you to read this thing?

17 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

ac84fd  No.772799


>a wild negro appears

I honestly don't have a clue what you're on about.

26a1ff  No.772803

>>772799 (checked)

This is why Christians don't do drugs. It makes you crazy.

38c4f4  No.772854


>A Baptist girl scorned me

So you're a frustrated, freshly rejected incel. No worries, I'm sure the Lord can help you with your temporary butthurt. Welcome to the board, sinner!

cae0f9  No.772984


Alternating an average of 3 chapters a day (with an occasional 2, 4, or 5 chapters a day), and missing some days for various reasons, it took me about a year to read the OSB Old Testament. Finishing up Matthew now.

My advice? Don't treat reading the Bible as a race for bragging rights. Don't get me wrong: if you have the speed-reading, comprehension and memory capacity to read at a fast rate comfortably, then by all means.

Nevertheless, you should read at a rate that feels comfortable for you. Don't treat the Bible like you haven't eaten in days, and have a Thanksgiving selection laid out in front of you, and you try to scoff it all down in minutes, or like some competitive hot dog eating contest. Treat it like partaking in the spiritual equivalent of a gourmet meal. In other words, take your time; neatly and painstakingly cut it into pieces; chew slowly and deliberately; really partake in the enjoyment of the complex flavors.

Your attitude towards the Bible, overall, should be: "I want to understand this", not "WHOO! I FINISHED THIS IN 5 SECONDS!!!! WHERE'S MY GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS AWARD?!?!?" As such, a study version with copious footnotes is highly recommended.

ca622c  No.773042

art thou privy to an fixteen eleven in truth? i haf mine doubtf for left it be marked with none fo fingular a character af the letter 'f' inftead of the letterf 'f' then thou may judge it rightly to be an feventeen fixty-nine, firrah

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

b16811  No.772160[Reply]

>66 chapters (like 66 books)

>first 39 are judgement (OT)

>rest 27 about salvation (NT)

>first 9 of 27 chapters about salvation of israel from nations around it

>back 9 salvation of the planet and establishment of the new heaven and new earth

>middle 9 salvation of people as individuals personally

>middle of the middle 9 is Isaiah 53

Preddy neat but what do all u CatDogs make of this if your canon doesn't have 66 books? Nice co inkydink but doesn't this easter egg validate prot canon and that they're on the right track (with the canon, at least)?

See 18:37 in in vide related for sauce

>inb4 Shapiro jooo and zionist shill Johnny Mac shoo shoo!!

44 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

eab9f7  No.772896


In addition, it's not like the Church is taking any serious effort to care about orthodoxy. No one should be surprised if Pope Francis encourages for the Quran to be read piously by all Christians and that it is worthy of pious contemplation, and it contains some of the most sublime truth known to mankind contained in the pages.

a2a3f4  No.772900

Somebody give me a rundown on which deuterocanonical books contradict the canon.

ac390d  No.772946


>actually two dead bodies

I know! Justin Trudeau has been dead for years. He's now a ventriloquists dummy, right?

How else do you explain the bizarre behaviour other than someone's havin' a gig?


>Also, nice job putting a dead body in your post. A fraternal suggestion: remove this immediately, it will be a stumbling block for many who will see it and the mods will not take it lightly either.

>a stumbling block for many who will see it



>post dead bodies for everyone to see

Why is this what you use to rebuff anon's arguments? Is /christian/ suddenly australian aboriginal, scared of seeing the dead? Smells a little like you fished for an excuse to not debate an anon who disagreed with you

That said, that whole Yahoo article is just odd

802d5f  No.772989


Isaiah 59:21 says that the words God put in his (Isaiah's) mouth would be preserved for ever, but the apocrypha aren't even in the original languages. And it's pretty simple to prove since they admit they weren't prophets and Matthew 11:13 tells us that the law and the prophets comprised the word of God until John. So to claim they were inspired would contradict Matthew 11:13.

6f7670  No.773027


The Monophysites are not Orthodox, regardless of what they call themselves. They are not in communion with the Orthodox Church.

File: 72c8983b4a425fa⋯.jpg (29.78 KB, 689x388, 689:388, xuwljnSWjMEiLNg-800x450-no….jpg)

24602c  No.764775[Reply]

Why do Baptists claim works and repenting isn't necessary for heaven?

I'm a newer Christian …well someone taking it seriously and Paul blatantly says that it's necessary

6 God “will repay each person according to what they have done.”[a] 7 To those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor and immortality, he will give eternal life. 8 But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger.

62 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

54ed98  No.772923


C'mon this is totally false. The real reason is that Protestants have been backing away from their actual "doctrine" over centuries actually cause it's so hard to make any logical sense. The OSAS Baptists are real and that's not cartoonish. They literally believe repenting is a work and you shouldn't do that.

As for other lukewarm Protestants they still sort of quasi believe they have a license to sin. They think sins are just guidelines. You sin and just say you're sorry to God and then you're fine or well I mean it doesn't really matter to them in the end. The core doctrine of Protestanism is that the pope is the antichrist and that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon and most Protestants have sort of given up on that. Other than that they don't believe in communion, or prayer to the saints or statues or real presence (except for anglicans). So what do you mean it's semantic.

We literally worship a piece of bread. That's not semantics lol. We pray to people who have died from this earth, those are not semantics.

c66941  No.772925

File: b75e7123c1ade45⋯.gif (43.71 KB, 220x165, 4:3, tenor (3).gif)


>We literally worship a piece of bread.

Anon…that heretical and literally artolatry. No Christian worships the bread at mass.

45361f  No.772933

Because it's easier not to work and not to repent

03c5b7  No.772934


CS Lewis explains it best, what follows is a paraphrase;

Christians have for thousands of years now insulted each other based on one of two caricatures.

1) That a certain group believes that since charity is the best virtue, and the best kind of charity is given to to church, just hand us £1,000 and we'll see you through (this is classic muh indulgences).

Alternatively 2) You are saved by faith, even if you are a horrid person, just believe and you'll be alright (this is a classic counter-reformation talking point).

The truth, as CS Lewis points out, is that this is like asking which blade of a pair of scissors is more important. Nevertheless, some sects and people proclaim the value of works, whereas others exalt faith.

3f9f50  No.772952

Because they're willingly stupid and bitter towards others.

File: 23fcfba9c877050⋯.jpeg (30.24 KB, 640x434, 320:217, sdhfgg.jpeg)

f883a7  No.748849[Reply]

What books are you reading at the moment?

What are you up to?

128 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

df2ad7  No.772679


top tier.

As for me, I'm on part 2 of City of God. Helps to have the bible open, so I can constantly review his references, and gain a deeper understanding on his arguments

df2ad7  No.772680


If you do find the Prison Notes, hit me up with that pdf or I'll have to learn Romanian

c62349  No.772761

I've got a copy of Institutes of the Christian Religion on the way, so that'll occupy me for some time.

I'd also like to get my hands on Calvin's commentaries, Spurgeon's Sermons, some of John Owen's works, and Turretin's Institutes of Elentic Theology.

eb173e  No.772867


The protocols were really good thing to read. It was on to read list for a long time.

City of God. I recently downloaded the book. Intend to read it soon. I expect it is useless to ask whether it is good.


All right. But after searching for half a year I have little hopes of finding it, unfortunately.

As far as the guard/codreanu is concerned I got:

>For my legionaries

>Nests leader's manual

>the history of th elegionary movement - Sima


>some other book about history of legionary youth

Do you have Barren Metal - EMJ? that is also one book I have been looking for for some time

eb173e  No.772941


I also got "tragedy of Iron Guard" by Julius Evola

File: 2d4773e85e4ea43⋯.jpg (60.48 KB, 650x650, 1:1, inspirobot3.jpg)

fd5eb9  No.756026[Reply]

I declare open this thread, as a guide to self development in the path of the superior christian man we all strive to be.

Make it like the other cyclical threads, so that we may all post about any recommendations and question we may have, about self improvement as human, not necessarily related to religion, but about leading a proper christian life.

Also, it is noted in various resources of the type, how its important for men to keep regular friendship with equally strong men, where we can brutally honest with each other, and find out if we were being lazy, false and just complacent about some objective or our path in life. So may we make this also a space where you share your plans, open and truthfully so others may judge if you're being honest with yourself on your purpose. Give updates and feedback so that we all may grow on our own.

41 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

3dbfec  No.769622

Lots of you seem to be in a similar place to mine here.

Despite all the bad stuff that's happening around me I am still incredibly hopeful for my future, regardless of whether I get to live or die in the next 5 years, so that is good.

I improve spiritually by praying more often. Daily rosary because I do not have enough love and trust in Mary. Adoration of the Holy Sacrament on Fridays. Singing in the choir at every Sunday mass, and attending weekly mass on Wednesdays.

I have been badly hindered in my physical improvement because an undesirable encounter with my ex has forced me to leave my sports group, so now I cannot box anymore and I cannot get advice on my weight training anymore. I really hope to find a Christian group to do the same things with and to build a community with in preparation for rough times, but I don't know where to look. I need to ask more advice from my priest also.

On the positive side, since the past 2 weeks, this incident has allowed me to refocus on my bookbinding studies, and so I am going to start reading bookbinding manuals and practicing at home again on top of the school work. This is my most urgent task because I'll need to make a living out of it when my course is over.

It's hard dealing with the current state of the world while focusing on building a hypothetical life, brothers. Everywhere in the news reeks of civil war and economical crisis to come very soon. I see no way out of this in the short future, so I stay in my tracks instead of trying anything stupid. Sometimes I think monastic life is the inevitable end of our journey.

At least, I have been gifted with a strong resistance to sexual temptation and so when I see how hard it is for some of you guys, it just inspires me to pray more for you.

50232c  No.769884

My main issue is not the lack of discipline. I am a stubborn individual who can get into a routine and run in the ascetic mode for months. But I lack healthy confidence in myself and my abilities (although if you speak to people who know me some of htem my speak highly of my abilities.). But I just do not feel like it. I have some confidence but it highly depends on situation. My job involves communication with people, you just need to have their trust. My main issue is not lack of skill but rather being an autist introvert for a long time. As a result I am less communicative when I feel down, especially under higher pressure. I need to get to face the reality in the harshest manner possible to turn this tide. I need to mature in this quickly or I won't make it in my employment and in seeking a wife, obviously. I have little time so I do not have time to procrastinate but sometimes I create problems that substitute the target of my attention so I do not have to face my weakest point…the point I have to hit with all might I have.

Paradoxically, ceasing masturbation was an easier task for me. I have already made a great progress in conquering myself,…considering how uncertain I was few years ago.

I would appreciate your advice on how to do it. I already do not mind socializing, I took up activities around church that force me to deal with people on a personal level. So so far I am able to deal with people profesionaly if the situation is not escalated into a stressful one. Once the situation gets tough, especially if the person views me with a scorn/thinks of me as of an inferior…I am likely to quickly lose my confidence and as the result….break under pressure.

Any suggestions on how to face this and improve my esteem in this would be greatly appreciated.

d6fe5a  No.769909

File: 3c1daff6dbad0e8⋯.jpg (77.79 KB, 396x385, 36:35, 1549713829714.jpg)


I took advice of anons here and prayed to hate my sin, and by Gods grace I think my prayer was answered. Its been 3 days now, no porn, no pmo etc. The only other time Ive managed to do anything at all near this was at OCS for the Marine Corps. And once I got back from that I fell into my old ways immediately. I pray much more now, and God is helping. And this has all been after probably the worst two months of my life, though I cant say Im quite out of it yet, and if it brings me to God, then I should also hope it to continue.

I completely stopped going to 4chan. I like fit, lit, and pol, but its too much temptation. /lit/ not so much, but if I go there, Ill go elsewhere too. That and the blackpilling is getting out of hand, its too much of a negative source. God says trust, not fear.

Im also planning on starting to go to a sunday school thing, instead of just church, but Im worried itll be one of those wheres its like a clique. Hopefully not since its a college aged thing, not high school, but guess Ill never know until I try.

b074cd  No.770358


Godspeed brother. Remember that the first 3 or 4 days of nofap are the easiest but after that it gets much tougher for a while. Be ready to distract yourself.

f80481  No.772940

How are you guys doing?

Right now I am doing well. I read large amounts of books for work as well as for personal needs. I again dove into slumber with prayer and scripture. But I have managed to push the cold shower issue and I re-established my self esteem somewhat. The latter is the most important right now.

File: 5fb24f95d2f7479⋯.jpg (11.98 KB, 522x442, 261:221, MarieKondo_Netflix_Website….jpg)

4de8a4  No.772493[Reply]

Is it New Age?

15 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

f44b3f  No.772717


It's just another materialist/consumerist self help guru book pretending to be spiritual.

She appears to saying that physical objects and their location in space are an end in themselves. If we have a house full of joyful things which are organised as she wants it to be, we can find true happiness. Normies love her because it all sounds spiritual - but it doesn't take long to realise that it is still basic bitch consumerism, you are still filling a house with shitty plastic chinese trinkets; and thanks to Marie Kondo, you now throw them away as soon as they no longer bring you joy. Your excessive consumption is in no way restricted, you find yourself wanting more and more, and throwing more and more things away. Her mode of living helps nobody, if your true God is temporal, happiness remains finite at best, worse still, you end up a wretched mess. Its success is both a symptom and a cause of the reduced popularity of religion in the West. People love being told things they already know.

Because people know how to be pigeons and buy what they are told like good goys, they love to be told by a "wise" squinty eyed vaguely Shinto nip that what they are doing is great, to keep up the good work; "oh, here's a few tips to make your life as a consumer more efficient. Don't just purchase, but throw shit away too!".

We need the infinite, the absolute; and we all desire it in some way. Marie Kondo represents human vanity and a degree of hopelessness that humanity cannot escape from. We need Christ.

34cf04  No.772737

Shes another false prophet, shes only interesting as far as she might overlap.

a8178e  No.772827


>Is it New Age?

Kind of she draws from shintoism i believe

41284a  No.772920


Shinto new age pagan trash

16dd95  No.773029


>People love being told things they already know.

Hate to nitpick, because I agree so much with what you've said, but this one phrase is demonstrably false, because in most cases they already know the Truth and they hate it.

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