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Just what you need to make you feel better

4b5ada  No.25466[Reply]

Tripcodes got a bit fucked so this is a containment thread for testing new ones.

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919a49  No.209595

919a49  No.209596

919a49  No.209597

919a49  No.209598


919a49  No.209599


aHAhahah lol

File: 20165e6fda19f8c⋯.png (384.93 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

8f2561  No.208801[Reply]

Remembrance Sunday: Britain Remembers the Fallen


Farage on Remembrance Day: ‘Embracing Our History, Nation, Will Bring Us Back the Society We Once Had’


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26c75b  No.209522


we need new posters

a94084  No.209523


We need the old posters back

26c75b  No.209524


Get the gang back together

8f2561  No.209525


just a sec

8f2561  No.209528

File: a093e56587bdad9⋯.jpg (49.76 KB, 500x581, 500:581, 1421930286398.jpg)

6dc1e6  No.208070[Reply]

Labour in Fresh Anti-Semitism Row After Candidate Posts on Facebook: ‘What Good Have the Jews Done?’


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45a16a  No.208799


tbf its a good look tbh tbf

40e724  No.208800



HHahaha, quality post <3

c7fb31  No.208802

File: 3c6670e3b2460f7⋯.png (400.8 KB, 728x409, 728:409, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 89ee10b2ab99dfb⋯.png (582.44 KB, 929x507, 929:507, ClipboardImage.png)

File: e5d326bd42670f9⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1400x950, 28:19, ClipboardImage.png)

*licks you*

6dc1e6  No.208804

666722  No.208805


I haven't, I just know from the trailer that it'll put me in a bad mood if I do.


File: 7d2012aff398198⋯.gif (1.96 MB, 320x180, 16:9, 1403151826530.gif)

025369  No.207371[Reply]

School Sets Homework Making Pupils ‘Write to Family About Your Conversion to Islam’


Three Injured in ‘Vehicular Attack’ After Car Deliberately Driven into Crowd Outside French School


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366f4d  No.208089


Ah fuck they're so repulsive.

30d223  No.208090

File: 79e201f4e531ed3⋯.png (25.02 KB, 300x311, 300:311, zoomicke.png)

4329f2  No.208091


Just joking kek.


Lol I'm busy, just giving half responses tbh.


They are lass. Englishman are Gods chosen people.


I only do that sort of thing once a week tbh.

12ab5d  No.208092

208dac  No.208093


drink more woter to fill you up

File: 8ef749031b99bbc⋯.png (1.11 MB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1425128971210.png)

ab966e  No.206623[Reply]

Young And Menace: Half of Anti-Terror Referrals are Teenagers and Children


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0ebec7  No.207368

File: c38e1cd8d056ac6⋯.png (53.57 KB, 285x288, 95:96, TanyaCh1.png)

Turns out we're the most obese country in Europe.

3016a3  No.207369


Lad I don't want to actually write an ERP action where I fist your arse and make your belly bulge from the inside.

e03e0d  No.207370

File: 897d768c8fb2a32⋯.png (315.3 KB, 828x1287, 92:143, 1508587617617.png)

ab966e  No.207373

17643a  No.207377


everybody else is really healthy and slim, you're just so fat you push the national average to being obese

File: b915a43aaf16b75⋯.jpg (206.56 KB, 960x540, 16:9, 1412480732766.jpg)

02e228  No.205894[Reply]

Politically Correct Tesco Christmas Ad Features Sikhs, Gay Dads, Hijabi Muslims


Soros NGO: EU Urged to ‘Pump Funding’ into Left-Wing Groups Because Public ‘Duped’ Into Opposing Mass Migration


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02e228  No.206625

e2374e  No.206626

File: cec0594722bd498⋯.jpg (101.93 KB, 414x414, 1:1, Shiver 2.jpg)


Lad are you saying she never showers? bit rude smh

4cf813  No.206629

3c07c1  No.206630

File: b0be0cf64c90f68⋯.jpg (251.84 KB, 800x450, 16:9, keeping the rin in line.jpg)


good taste

4cf813  No.206634

File: b2b3d56d9c1cf8a⋯.gif (926.85 KB, 180x180, 1:1, bunny.gif)


Love live is very girly though, it's even about singing

File: ec07bf3fb0d45a0⋯.png (4.28 MB, 1920x1085, 384:217, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 98f307a4f5b81f8⋯.png (831.72 KB, 736x896, 23:28, ClipboardImage.png)

File: f487c6aedff7649⋯.png (1.51 MB, 1024x639, 1024:639, ClipboardImage.png)

ae2ed8  No.205202[Reply]


>The Goths sent ambassadors to Valens, the Eastern Roman Emperor, requesting permission to settle their people inside the Empire. The Gothic War is the name given to a Gothic uprising in the Eastern Roman Empire in the Balkans between about 376 and 382. The war and in particular the Battle of Adrianople, is commonly seen as a watershed in the history of the Roman Empire, the first of a series of events over the next century that would see the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, although its ultimate importance to the Empire's eventual fall is still debated.

Priti Patel's cabinet future in doubt over Israel trip row


>Priti Patel's future in Theresa May's cabinet is uncertain after new information that she conducted further meetings with Jewish officials.

The corrosive and disproportionate influence of the Israeli lobby on British politics causes a scandal within the Conservative party. I wish we pursued our own interests as effective as this.

Man sentenced over £50m drugs haul find on Norfolk beach


>James Underhill, 34, of Charles Close, Caister, Norfolk, described the £50m find in a text message as "Willy Wonka's golden ticket".

>About 794lb (360kg) of cocaine washed up in holdalls on beaches at Caister-on-Sea and Hopton-on-Sea in February 2017, Norwich Crown Court heard.

Brexit: EU warns UK it has less than a month to make concessions


>The British government has less than a month to make a concession on the Brexit bill in order to guarantee launching trade talks in DecePost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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e97540  No.205914

File: 5c97ff858983b92⋯.webm (6.48 MB, 480x360, 4:3, ChiefShittingBull.webm)

>muh "native" indians

925e91  No.205915


Ahh I'd been looking for

f0a468  No.205916

File: 23aaab92fcfb213⋯.jpg (209.43 KB, 833x1192, 833:1192, 23aaab92fcfb2134113923ef3f….jpg)

21e4b5  No.205917


What's that from?

f968fe  No.205918

File: 4facd65f091b22f⋯.png (67.36 KB, 734x240, 367:120, 1399444343754.png)

36ea0e  No.204474[Reply]

‘Disaster’ for the Establishment: Merkel Government Coalition Talks in Disarray, Snap Election Looms


German Military Planners Prepare for ‘Conceivable’ Collapse of European Union by 2040


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ef5e28  No.205204

File: df634b624b26640⋯.jpg (68.73 KB, 720x540, 4:3, 7863b83009005a887b322fe51c….jpg)

I feel I am on the verge of uncovering the truth about Pembs. Man or woman? I believe I will soon find out for real.

The game has been afoot, and is now almost at an end. I can feel it in my bones!

f9a637  No.205205

File: b8a6caba091f891⋯.jpg (2.59 MB, 3257x1831, 3257:1831, Princeton University Chape….jpg)

File: d54e80075937468⋯.jpg (188.21 KB, 1220x687, 1220:687, yale-facts.jpg)

Take the collegiate gothic pill.


Pembs is an Afro-Carribean Woman from previous thread investigation, lol.

ef5e28  No.205218

gona go poopoo lads brb

f9a637  No.205219

File: 5071c86b2971218⋯.png (1.2 MB, 1919x1075, 1919:1075, Constanze_8.png)

ce175a  No.205242


File: b3055c19f718b43⋯.png (968.15 KB, 1300x969, 1300:969, pengin.png)

ebe7a4  No.203742[Reply]


>Sutherland Springs: Texas church shooting leaves 26 dead

>Police found the man dead in his car but it is unclear if he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound or from injuries received when fired on by the local citizen. The car contained several weapons.


>Reality Check: Does the UK trade with 'the rest of world' on WTO rules?

The BBC says no then includes a map in the article showing we trade with massive amounts of the world on WTO rules…


>Angry villagers upset over slow broadband speeds burn effigy of BT Openreach van

We even have fibre in the norf don't blame them tbh


>Fitness instructor Matthew Scully-Hicks convicted of murdering 18-month-old adopted daughter

I heard people are like 1000% more likely to abuse a step-child than a biological one.


>Speed cameras might be lucrative, but Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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fecefb  No.204476

789fb2  No.204477

>it's another din din is ready but nobody told me episode

a11d90  No.204491


Journey to the End of the Night by Ferdinand Celine. It's fantastic.

a11d90  No.204492


Can you please stop.

a11d90  No.204494

>it's a thread is ready before I'm done posting episode

File: aaba4e79aef15a1⋯.png (92.52 KB, 1224x1137, 408:379, 1399270946661.png)

30af53  No.203058[Reply]

At Least 25 People Reported Dead in Texas Church Shooting – Gunman Killed by Police


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5cdc73  No.203766

>linking before 700

that's not allowed smh

5cdc73  No.203768


a51be6  No.203769


ban him

5cdc73  No.203771


5cdc73  No.203773


nahhh *goes to new thread*

File: da518e12d6693d0⋯.png (515.7 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

9591c9  No.202342[Reply]

Reports: Police Found ‘Extreme’ Pornography on Computers of PM Deputy Who Branded Breitbart ‘Dangerous’


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f0a8d1  No.203054

*posts from tablet*

God, it's awful tbh.

7db4c4  No.203055


Should mention that in an ominous tone around him kek

2d850c  No.203056



there's literally nothing wrong with that

3a1817  No.203057


he is fully aware tbh, i jokingly call him a race traiter a lot tbh

9591c9  No.203059

File: f455ef659fac6e1⋯.png (419.56 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

fed66c  No.201598[Reply]

‘Europhobe F*ck… SLAP’: Pro-EU Paper ‘Glorifies Violence’ Against Brexit Voters


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27609d  No.202339

File: 8e0c45b65fbead4⋯.png (613.11 KB, 556x556, 1:1, ClipboardImage.png)


>tfw no mori kei deergirl gf

aefada  No.202340


genuinely scary


stop scaring children and the doggos tbh

5f2e30  No.202341



fed66c  No.202343

db399a  No.202344


>it doesn't count when it's Samis, lad

That's only because Finns aren't white.



You're only making it worse.

File: ef45a63666fe79f⋯.jpg (26.34 KB, 400x263, 400:263, 1417687829647.jpg)

c6bdf0  No.200884[Reply]

Man Charged With FGM: Only Second Prosecution in British History, 31 Years After Ban Introduced


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e826f3  No.201596

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


9b9d4e  No.201597


copy and paste extracts from Gorilla Mindset

c0d91b  No.201600

887a41  No.201626

File: 0f8e31b34eb94c4⋯.jpg (40.83 KB, 500x485, 100:97, mark corrigan5.jpg)


It means the HR department don't do a real job, they just copy-pasted some cliched bollocks off the internet. I mean, just think about this fucking question. Either the person filling it in is a sociopathic cunt, in which case they write themselves a glowing reference, or they're a good person, in which case they write themselves a glowing reference. Who the fuck writes in a job application "I'm not honest" or "I'm not committed"? Nobody who actually wants the job. This doesn't narrow down the field in any meaningful way, it just gives the lazy cunts in HR an excuse to throw 20% of the applications in the bin and they can let the rest of the company figure out whether the people they hire are any good. The world of employment is a fucking joke.

ab2285  No.201663



This. Our culture expects us to engage in lying a stupid amount. We should be more straight forward, and just say i want the job for money etc.

File: c834d01d6b03dae⋯.png (315.48 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

c72c78  No.200154[Reply]

Leavers Declare EU-Linked Electoral Commission ‘Unfit to Regulate Our Democracy in the Age of Brexit’


Continent Totally Unprepared For Another Migrant Crisis: European Police Union


Number of Migrants Arriving in Greece from Turkey up 200 per cent


Number of Asylum Seekers Doubles in Two Years, As Germany Admits it has Lost Track of 30,000 Illegals


720 posts and 257 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

fdee26  No.200880

File: 1e4452808e76258⋯.jpg (60.69 KB, 850x478, 425:239, DLI1OXjUEAAhVYe.jpg large.jpg)

caab8d  No.200881


Change your flag then if you're that bothered about two people using the same one.

ecf26e  No.200882


i was here first

caab8d  No.200883


And I like this flag. I don't mind two people using it.

c72c78  No.200886





Okay lads, new thread here.

File: dd403048b03aa1d⋯.png (432.83 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

90f747  No.199086[Reply]

Theresa May: Criticism of Israel Being Used as New Form of Anti-Semitism


UK Govt Mobilises Against Brexit Campaigners in Desperate Bid to Undermine Referendum


WWI Australian Battle of Beersheba re-Enacted in Israel on Centennial


‘Islamophobic’ Jury Didn’t Have Enough Muslims, Says Convicted Rapist


706 posts and 233 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

329a20  No.200150

>even brit have awful girl problems


90f747  No.200151


EA got the exclusive license to all future Star Wars games for a ten year period in 2013. It's four years on and they've only published one non-mobile/non-lego game so far which is DICE's Battlefront, and the next game is just the sequel to that.

They're probably wasting everyone's time because they either don't have anyone putting forward game proposals or they think it would hurt Battlefront's online playerbase to have more than one game available at a time. It doesn't matter though because nobody is playing that anyway.

72826f  No.200152


>that tummy


329a20  No.200153


It's kind of depressing how bad the new lego games are too.

90f747  No.200157

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