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Just what you need to make you feel better

File: 2ecee81b2cfc95f⋯.png (270.07 KB, 589x300, 589:300, ClipboardImage.png)

89cb2d  No.374124[Reply]

New thread

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00d057  No.374824


come on wagie you ought to know what day of the week it is

b5bddb  No.374826


stop relying on mummy so much man

c03c93  No.374828


just the sleeping pattern with this route, it fucks up my sense of what day it is smh

b5bddb  No.374829

260fda  No.374837



File: de863c3fb9320ce⋯.png (290.93 KB, 660x371, 660:371, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 0e31c4d95858087⋯.jpg (1.29 MB, 1600x1194, 800:597, 1547672453313.jpg)

File: 86c9a23f9c5520b⋯.jpg (99.18 KB, 406x401, 406:401, 1547672965303.jpg)

File: 830247790b1a59e⋯.png (68.35 KB, 486x494, 243:247, 1547673087978.png)

618344  No.373412[Reply]

Wales' employment rate rises five times faster than UK


Wales continues to have a higher proportion of adults who are working compared with the UK as a whole, according to the latest official figures.

>Between October and December 2018 the Welsh employment rate was 76.2%, while the UK average was 75.8%.

>In Wales in the past year, there has been a 3.7 percentage point rise in the rate of adults working.

>That is five times greater than the UK increase of 0.7 percentage points.

Shamima Begum has UK citizenship revoked by British government, ITV News learns


Islamic State schoolgirl Shamima Begum has had her British citizenship revoked, her family has been told in a letter from the Home Office.

>The letter, obtained by ITV News, was received by Ms Begum's mother on Tuesday.

>"Please find enclosed papers that relate to a decision taken by the Home Secretary, to deprive your daughter, Shamima Begum, of her British citizenship," the letter read.

Bernie Sanders announces second US presidential bid


US Senator Bernie Sanders says he will run again for president in 2020, making a second attempt to win the Democratic Party's nomination.

>The 77-year-old Vermont senator became a progressive political star in 2016 although he lost his candidacy bid.Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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72e304  No.374121


it's for the best anyway. stay off the carbs

618344  No.374122

8fe372  No.374123


E;R on youtube, makes naughty boy reviews of tv, films, cartoons etc. Pewdiepie got in trouble for linking to him once because of his nazi jokes smh

cce3fd  No.374125

16809d  No.374128

File: c971bcfdca07aad⋯.jpg (871.58 KB, 3840x2160, 16:9, modern art left wing good.jpg)


I had a couple of screencaps somewhere describing this process, it was written by a London (I think) artist lamenting that all the students in art schools are just rich kids fucking around and are not interested in becoming skilled at a craft and how, because such students later become teachers, all the teachers are likewise unskilled and have no expertise to pass on.

File: 389304b6d64812b⋯.png (15.68 KB, 640x457, 640:457, Kosovo.png)

9c01b5  No.372743[Reply]


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4271e4  No.373410


The doctors killed him without permission.

14b896  No.373411

>super light strings on guitar

>top string isnt as loud as the others when plugged in


ded3c5  No.373413


thought so, it's nice to see them spread

you'll be in the big leagues before you know it

4271e4  No.373414


Are we supposed to know what this means, music nerd? A guitar is just an egg slicer to me bth

c23ba4  No.373415

File: c2a2b5e77b55738⋯.png (318.57 KB, 640x480, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

a2abca  No.371984[Reply]

Yellow Vest Claims Movement Has ‘Paramilitaries’ Ready to Overthrow Macron


Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement member Christophe Chalençon announced that the anti-establishment movement has “paramilitaries” ready to overthrow the French government.

>Mr Chalençon made the claim following an interview with Italian media this week after being asked about his meeting with Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio earlier this month BFMTV reports.

>Despite the interview being over, the cameras kept recording and published the remarks of Chalençon who said, “I know I’m risking a lot, I can get shot in the head anytime, but I’ll be at the end of my convictions, because if they put a bullet in my head, Macron will be placed in the guillotine.”

>“We have come to such a point of confrontation, that if they kill me, he is dead too because the people come back to the Elysée and they will dismantle everything… There are many of us like that,” he said, and added: “We have paramilitaries who are ready to intervene because they also want to bring down the government.”

Brexit: UK-US agree to preserve trading arrangements


The UK has struck a deal with the US to preserve £12.8bn of trade after Brexit.

>The mutual recognition agreement replicates the current deal between the EU and US on technical standards for exported goods.

>US President Donald Trump said the "very good trading relationship" between the countries had been "strengthened further".

>And International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said it would allow firms to "keep trading as freely as they do tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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81a5d1  No.372738


where did you find this?

68a3a4  No.372739


He's on the daftielass diet

24408f  No.372740


Gardening lady sent me footage of Dorset emerging from his crypt after we exchanged emails.


Tell him to get on his special tablet and log onto /newbrit/.com to hang out with the cool kids.


>he puts jam on the bread he dips into the soup

I didn't think you were that far gone.


He's gone lad.

81a5d1  No.372741

File: 34ac626157e8e6e⋯.png (7.2 KB, 485x455, 97:91, 68b6d83081ce22f4ad433986bf….png)


>He's gone lad.


252eee  No.372742


not sure, it just popped up on my twitter feed. Must have subbed to "TradSoc" some time ago.

File: 4c166ebd92b5282⋯.png (224.27 KB, 240x385, 48:77, ClipboardImage.png)

dec593  No.371239[Reply]

New Record for UK Renewables


Kashmir attack: Bomb kills 40 soldiers in military convoy


At least 40 Indian paramilitary soldiers have been killed in a bomb attack by militants on their convoy in Indian-administered Kashmir.

>Police told the BBC that a car filled with explosives had rammed a bus carrying the troops to Srinagar.

>Pakistan-based Islamist group Jaish-e Mohammad said it was behind the attack.

>It is the deadliest militant attack on Indian forces in Kashmir since the insurgency against Indian rule began in 1989.

British Parliament Again Votes on Brexit Amendments, 43 Days Until UK Leaves EU


Members of the Westminster Parliament are once again voting on a Brexit motion and amendments Thursday evening as both the British government, and parliamentary rebels work to keep hold of, or derail the Brexit process.

>The Prime Minister’s so-called neutral government motion which declares “discussions between the UK and the EU on the Northern Ireland backstop are ongoing” will be voted upon after a debate in Parliament, but was rumoured to be the subject of a Brexiteer revolt earlier in the day. Pro-Brexit MPs of the European Research Group had earlier said they could vote against the motion because it eliminates the possibility of a no-deal Brexit, they claimPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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2c7664  No.371987

eca1b8  No.371993

File: 835cb847624aebd⋯.jpg (71.67 KB, 364x470, 182:235, head-wild-boar-animal-sus-….jpg)


>They didn't listen smh

why lust is one of the seven deadly sins tbf.

plenty dusky skinned fems that the Aryan wants to spill into.

never have, never wanted to, never will. soiled is spoiled.


see that snake.

I`m coming for that snake.

that snake is a fucken ex-snake! call that snake DONE!

4059cd  No.371994


Made 13 minutes ago…

eca1b8  No.371995

File: fe65bd11b3c306a⋯.jpg (81.58 KB, 655x509, 655:509, Crying Pepe in Noose.jpg)


tfw took too long making ya post!

1ad3c7  No.372007

File: 242eb09560b6733⋯.jpg (105.18 KB, 680x500, 34:25, feels good to destroy the ….jpg)

File: 3bc1f4478d95a63⋯.png (27.08 KB, 850x639, 850:639, sadbins.png)

45d5d0  No.370495[Reply]

no need for links

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f68eca  No.371237

File: 1d97943e4f59572⋯.png (29.88 KB, 1208x820, 302:205, remember.png)


roses are red

violets are blue

if i were a gril

i'd breed with u

3f81b4  No.371238

File: 6d457ff4ee5fb64⋯.png (559.43 KB, 768x432, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

is reverse homo trap a thing?

like the guy looks really gay and shitty but he's actually a based goodlad

8d9b86  No.371240

7e0596  No.371252



2b35fe  No.371361

File: dbf54b9272d3c62⋯.png (167.63 KB, 437x600, 437:600, sosij BULGE.png)


>nice boiled they aren't chewy just melt in ya mouth. at least I think so. nice with stew.

shit, yeah. was gonna query boiled sosij, sounds nasty tbh, however, sosij casserole is a bi-monthly and I do LOVES how the sosij does in fact melt in your mouth.

well I never, except, I did! silly sosij.

File: 16722406979274d⋯.png (306.8 KB, 660x371, 660:371, ClipboardImage.png)

71d8e4  No.369738[Reply]

Alesha MacPhail's father 'sold cannabis to murder accused'


Jurors in the Alesha MacPhail murder trial have heard that her father sold cannabis to the teenager accused of killing her.

>Robert MacPhail, 26, admitted doing deals with the 16-year-old boy who lived on the Isle of Bute.

>The teenager - who cannot be named because of his age - denies abducting, raping and murdering Alesha last July.

>He has lodged a special defence claiming the crime was committed by a woman called Toni Louise McLachlan.

PM Urges MPs to Hold Their Nerve, UKIP Warns Voters’ Wrath if Brexit Delayed


Theresa May has told members of the UK Parliament that “we all need to hold our nerve” with the European Union while alluding to the Brexit delay which several of her inner circle of senior ministers have referred in recent weeks.

>Coming to Parliament after non-starter talks with EU leaders in Brussels last week which saw her return to London empty-handed, Prime Minister Theresa May told members of Parliament that — in contrast to a growing number of the wider public — because they didn’t want to leave the European Union without a deal they should support hers rather than voting it down.

Welsh sheep farmers fear post-Brexit British branding


Industry chiefs Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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13a0d1  No.370493


She wants you to go there tomorrow with loads of balloons and chocolates and flowers and get down on one knee in front of all of her coworkers and customers and ask her to be your gf. That's how the female mind works, girls love big romantic gestures like that from strangers, preferably in front of as many people as possible

be4c38  No.370494






she looked 15-16-17 i guess idk

girls mature fast

bf2449  No.370496


a24623  No.370497









a24623  No.370498

File: 2d05edcf50c9ac9⋯.jpg (68.62 KB, 500x615, 100:123, IMG_20190206_210259.jpg)

d93375  No.368990[Reply]

Howe we all lads

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6b945f  No.369736


a2dcc2  No.369737


It's that wobbly 3D that really ages them. Looks like the image is struggling to hold itself together, N64 has aged better in that respect, although N64 has that blurry filter on everything.

6b945f  No.369739


yeah I agree if it was just crisp it'd be fine. I was shocked when I realised a lot of the prettiest images on PS and Nintendo were actually 2D

70bca9  No.369740

b10032  No.369841


Not a great test but 82% paeleocon is pretty accurate for me.

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

be8b1d  No.368233[Reply]

Storm Erik leaves two dead as 75mph gales and heavy rain sweep Britain

Two people have died and there is widespread damage and disruption as Storm Erik's ferocious gales of up to 75mph continue to batter the UK.

>the storm has swept across the country leaving planes struggling to land, trees being blown onto buses and thousands without power

>a man in Devon died after 70mph gale winds blew a huge tree onto his car as he was driving on Friday morning

>hours later, shortly before 10:00, another man driving a van on the B4306 between Pontyberem and Llannon, West Wales, was killed by a large tree that fell across the road

(Bonnie Christian, Evening Standard, 9th February 2019)


Storm Erik on its way out as temperatures to soar to 15°C next week

>the storm, which caused considerable damage to the south and west of the country, has produced the most blustery of its weather according to John Eagleton

>according to the Met Éireann meteorologist, the storm was winter's farewell as the spring rolls in next week: ""The stormy weather is gone but it will remain cold and bright this weekend with some heavy showers around the place maybe even some sleet."

>while Storm Erik is swiftly blowing itself away from Ireland, the country will still suffer the effects of its tail this weekend as squally showers and westerly wind will continue to blast the region

(Mícheál Ó Scannáil, The Independent Éire, 9th February 2019)

https://www.iPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

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87cf43  No.368985

File: fa6d369c457a7c9⋯.jpg (19.5 KB, 346x450, 173:225, 465b7a993d3fe4ae1be031ed4e….jpg)

btw the concert tickets were for santana, $350 for 3 boomers to see some shitty bald boomer guitarist. enormous waste

87cf43  No.368986

oh and that "santana" is a fucking beaner too

5d6cff  No.368987

File: 46dae527c2a885c⋯.png (81.75 KB, 638x557, 638:557, 46dae527c2a885ceb8af8810c9….png)



fucking hell he's still going?

68b7b3  No.368988

make a new thread

68b7b3  No.368989

File: c04025448637fc9⋯.jpg (200.23 KB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 1548276691161.jpg)

last post best post

File: a3ffaaad91e9ad0⋯.png (1.54 MB, 1600x900, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

2bf860  No.367477[Reply]

Bank of England: One in four chance UK will dip into recession in 2019


The Bank of England now expects the economy to expand by just 1.2% this year and sees a one in four chance of recession.

>Britain's economy is heading for its weakest year since the financial crisis a decade ago, the Bank of England said today as it unveiled its latest forecasts for the UK economy.

>The Bank slashed its economic growth forecast for 2019 to 1.2% - warning that Brexit uncertainty has started to take a serious toll on the economy.

>Its forecasts imply there is a one in four chance the UK economy dips into a recession.

Farage: EU ‘Scared’ of WTO Clean Brexit


Brexit architect Nigel Farage has said that Brussels bureaucrats are “scared” of a no-deal, clean Brexit because of the cost to European manufacturers and the looming eurozone recession.

>When asked on Sky News on Wednesday if he were offended by European Council President Donald Tusk saying there was a “special place in hell” for Brexiteers, the Leave Means Leave vice-chairman said, “No, not particularly. They’re scared, they’re rattled. They really worried.

>“I was in the parliament last Wednesday, I said that their arrogance and the behaviour of the unelected elites was driving British public opinion towards a WTO ‘No Deal’ Brexit.

UK house prices fall in January as Brexit puts off buyers

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

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56daef  No.368232

got another shit a-brewin'

170d9d  No.368234

89452b  No.368235


89452b  No.368236

faa54f  No.368237

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>Don't force it lad, gives you Hemorrhoids

File: 15e5a1346eb6520⋯.png (360.65 KB, 1604x1488, 401:372, 1545388186379.png)

697e05  No.366783[Reply]

links later maybe

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24a74c  No.367478

any of you ever gotten a ripstart?

ce7820  No.367479


>Stop worrying pls


ab34bd  No.367481

c73c59  No.367482


idc rly, /shit/cucks get the rope

248792  No.367484

File: e214a29e14d6ad0⋯.png (3.34 MB, 2016x1512, 4:3, ClipboardImage.png)

>cat lies in bed all day and will still be at the same place when I come home from work

File: 9cffdfd7bd77566⋯.png (50.54 KB, 657x527, 657:527, 9cffdfd7bd77566e6cea071684….png)

1cd28b  No.366021[Reply]

one of you nerds fill this in for me


746 posts and 269 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

4f9f5a  No.366778

File: 937f317a6d8e7b4⋯.png (336.28 KB, 1100x700, 11:7, ClipboardImage.png)

File: dd09f1f56e0e0b5⋯.jpg (77.32 KB, 800x450, 16:9, dd09f1f56e0e0b549eed93bac7….jpg)

okay this is epic

7e677f  No.366779


sweet lucky trips, lad

>that acting


7e677f  No.366780



cb509a  No.366781

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

30's Frankenstein's the best. I love this campy fucker.

cb509a  No.366782

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

File: 7c6c7f51c00da8f⋯.png (905.28 KB, 976x549, 16:9, ClipboardImage.png)

cb7b5f  No.365268[Reply]

Rare snow rollers spotted in field near Marlborough


A rare natural phenomenon which makes it look like wheels of snow have been rolled on their own has been captured in photos.

>Six rare "snow rollers" were spotted by Brian Bayliss in Wiltshire.

>He said he spotted them in a field he owns and at first thought they had been manmade but there were no footprints.

>It is thought the bales are formed when wind conditions are ideal to blow chunks of snow along, picking up more snow along the way.

Brexit: UK still safe in no-deal scenario, says Javid


Home Secretary Sajid Javid has said the UK would remain "one of the safest countries in the world" in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

>But he told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that there would be a "change in capability" in terms of access to certain security databases.

>He also said a general election was the "last thing this country needs".

>His comments on security come after the Met's counter-terrorism chief said no deal would be "very bad" for policing.

Tory HQ Draw Up Plans to Delay Brexit and Fight June 6th Election


Conservative Party officials are reportedly drawing up plans to delay Brexit, secure support for an EU deal in April, and hold a snap election on June 6th.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
746 posts and 252 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

dcf655  No.366016



personal independence payment, it's for cripples and actual retards. people who can barely survive alone basically.

but the local village agent lass said she thought I could get it and if I do I would get rent help to the point of actually being able to afford to move into a shithole in a town where I might get some work.

the utter state of it tbh

386263  No.366017


keeeeeek haven't heard of him in a while


Have you never seen Nosferatu? smh

2e8460  No.366018

File: 7b373e93997c820⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 1013.91 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, ClipboardImage.png)

>Women are orcs now

d2fb45  No.366019

File: 37a5d01d9f3bc00⋯.png (Spoiler Image, 763.87 KB, 1717x781, 1717:781, subject.png)


yeah i don't get the mentality either, donating money to people on the internet. especially when they clearly don't need it.

it's fucking retarded, tbh.

d96960  No.366020

File: 07437bcb58f416c⋯.gif (3.5 MB, 320x428, 80:107, 1549112803943.gif)


>tries to claims PIP

>actually went to the interview

If you didn't have me on filter I coulda helped ya

good luck anyways. if they decline your first application then ask for a mandatory reconsideration


no im retarded and my attention span is low

File: 7a503c7bc9f0812⋯.png (481.59 KB, 660x371, 660:371, ClipboardImage.png)

529b2d  No.364523[Reply]

UK weather: Ice warnings as snow disrupts weekend


Weather warnings for ice have been issued for Saturday afternoon and evening in parts of England as wintry conditions continue to affect the UK.

>The Met Office is advising care as snow is expected to melt during the day and freeze as temperatures drop.

>Eastern and southern England are braced for their coldest night of the winter, with -12C (10F) forecast, while parts of Scotland could see similar lows.

>The freezing weather has disrupted travel and sports events.

Delingpole: As with the Soviet Union, the EU’s Collapse Is a Matter of ‘When’, not ‘If’…


If you want to understand almost everything that is wrong with the world right now a good place to start is the underground car park beneath the European Parliament building in Brussels.

>There you will find rank on rank of shiny black limousines — Mercedes and Volvos, mostly hybrids because “climate change” — waiting with their polite, smartly dressed and no doubt well remunerated staff drivers to ferry the 751 Members of the European Parliament [MEPs] wheresoever they please at a moment’s notice, free of charge.

>“Nice job if you can get it!”, you’ll think to yourself. Add up the basic pay and the daily allowance you get for just turning up, and your salary approaches £140,000. On top of that you’ve got your lavish expenses and the even more generous budget you get for your office staff. Oh, and the huge, ring-fenced pension on top of that.

>You can totally see why people might go native in this environment. Even if you came as an ardent Eurosceptic, rightly cognisant of the appalling wastefulness, Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

734 posts and 241 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

e6189d  No.365264


bit poncey

398fb6  No.365265


Nothing poncey about having good taste lad

e6189d  No.365266

File: 97e3e0021c270d0⋯.jpg (40.04 KB, 832x568, 104:71, 1548436074004.jpg)

65247a  No.365267

File: d1ccd61ad5b7341⋯.png (221.37 KB, 600x600, 1:1, d1ccd61ad5b7341005d81c5af5….png)

need a new thread

529b2d  No.365269

File: ff2d7deb8d30ddd⋯.jpg (7.75 KB, 255x181, 255:181, thumbnail.jpg)

6ba8ba  No.363766[Reply]

Roy Cropper FAQ


>Royston Roy Cropper is a fictional character from the British soap opera Coronation Street

>According to various sources, Roy Cropper's net worth has grown significantly in 2019

>100% of all voters think Roy Cropper is "HOT"

A4 Illustration of Roy Cropper from Coronation Street


>Handmade item

>Free shipping to the United Kingdom


'Coronation Street's' Roy Cropper secretly suffers from Asperger's Syndrome.


>David Nielson, who plays the lovable soap eccentric, said he makes Roy autistic and thus socially awkward on purpose, but has always kept it a secret.

>David,60, said: "Roy was a psychopath. He was stalking Deirdre Rashid and was a bit scary. It's nice to play psychos but they don't stay around too long."

>"My wife is a special needs teacher and she worked with people with autism. She said Roy could have Asperger's syndrome, making him socially inept, rather than menacing."


Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

746 posts and 291 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

479a80  No.364522

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


9ce489  No.364524

File: 3a265049f5a4925⋯.png (876.19 KB, 1319x747, 1319:747, ClipboardImage.png)

be267d  No.364525


damn that's a big bulge

479a80  No.364526

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


6c9cb6  No.364528

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