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File: 810a9d4e7a55717⋯.jpg (127.32 KB, 800x1035, 160:207, S3222_DROPOUTJEEP.jpg)

81c037  No.12671537

Google caught secretly recording conversations through your mobile device

Google has allegedly been tapping into Android users’ mobile devices to secretly record private conversations, The Sun reported online.

>According to the report, the technology giant’s Google Assistant — which works in the same manner as Apple’s Siri — purportedly records conversations without the users knowing. Google has insisted that its new virtual assistant only switches on and commences recording when users say “OK Google.”

>“We only process voice searches after the phone believes the hot word ‘OK Google’ is detected. Audio snippets are used by Google to improve the quality of speech recognition across Search…[and] improving speech recognition against all Google products that use your voice,” a company spokesperson said.

>However, an investigation carried out by the British newspaper showed that Google’s audio assistant jams up in some instances. The report noted that in some cases, just saying “Ok” in a random conversation will prompt the system to switch the phone on and record about 20 seconds of audio.

>The system was also found to switch the microphone on as users go about their usual activities day-in and day-out. Once the virtual assistant finishes recording, the system uploads the audio files to its computer servers often referred to as “the cloud.”

>According to the report, these audio files can be accessed anywhere in the world as long as internet connection is available. This means that any device that is signed into a user’s personal Gmail or Google account can access these files and allow the user to listen to the recordings.

>The audio recording typically last around 10 to 20 seconds on average. The tech giant is also found to save text versions of the private conversations. The report noted that these audio files will help the artificial intelligence designed to oversee Google Home by teaching it how humans naturally communicate with each other.

Here’s what you can do to delete files, other private information

>An article posted in the Wired website features a few pointers in deleting private information to prevent unwanted attention from Google and the federal government.

>The article confirmed that Google saves the users’ voice search entry. The tech giant saves the entries to improve the system’s search capacity and ad placement. However, this has been reported in many cases.

>The Wired article recommended that users visit Google’s Voice & Audio Activity page to review the saved voice searches and listen back to them. These files — which may contain interesting, funny and random recordings — may be deleted by selecting any of the files, checking the box beside them and then clicking “delete” at the top of the screen. (Related: WATCH OUT: Google is recording everything you search and say.)

>Aside from the voice searches, Google was also found to keep track of the users’ location and search history. According to the article, the tech giant’s location history or timeline page features a Google Map that allows users to check their location and select specific dates and time.

>The system’s accuracy depended on whether a users was signed in to his Google account, or if he had his device with him. This information can be deleted by visiting the timeline page, clicking on the settings cog at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and selecting the “delete all” option.

>Google is also noted to store the search history of all its users, the article stated. Perhaps a no-brainer, users may delete their list of search queries by checking Google’s history page clicking on the Menu and hitting the “Advanced”, “All Time”, and “Delete” options.

>Users may also bar google from tracking their searches for good. This can be done by visiting the activity controls page and clicking on the “tracking off” option, the article noted.


ea6070  No.12671543


>“We only process voice searches after the phone believes the hot word ‘OK Google’ is detected.

Annnnnd how do they know that if they aren't listening 24/7?

731701  No.12671550

If all this wasn't obvious the minute you heard how the service works you're a hopeless rube.

b813c8  No.12671702


I sometimes scream random obscenities into my phone. The NSA agent assigned to my case is probably worried about me. I should send them a card.

000000  No.12671756


Why would this surprise any of us? I just assume anything I say within the vicinity of any phone is recorded to an NSA database for at least the next 20 years.

122572  No.12671764


I use android I'm safe.

644971  No.12671831


>I use android I'm safe.

Can't tell if shit posting or tarded…

122572  No.12671846


I got my phone rooted.

21a7b4  No.12671868

If you must carry a glowdark tracking unit at all times, at least make a Faraday cage for it:


3df1a6  No.12671883


The entire article is about google not apple

81c037  No.12671921



excillent rescource.

I have aluminum mesh for protecting against EMF radiation and a host of magnetically charged materials to stop EMF waves from penetrating my home.

I suggest you stock up on aluminum foil, mesh, shungite and other emf blocking materials as in the future they will be a critical factor in surveillance and electronic warfare against the white resistors

000000  No.12672883



cbb553  No.12672896



300% retarded confirmed.

997fb5  No.12672897


>current year plus 4

>rooting your phone

i haven't done that shit since 2009

000000  No.12673241

>not rooting every device

>having any device

>not paying homeless man to type this right now at the library while you eat tendies.

Plebs, all of you.

d63fc4  No.12673323

File: 9c299e39a5db782⋯.jpg (286.93 KB, 2199x2264, 2199:2264, acef4fc1b9885575b104e3c5f8….jpg)

I run my android devices without gapps and I still expect such things out of these devices.

fucking retards thinking you can just click a button and turn it off, just fucking look at the size of a normal lineage or omni rom and look at opengapps "stock" size.

most cases I've seen the gapps package is larger than the OS rom, my device with omni 9.0 and stock gapps comes up to 1080MB between the two, hell of a lot of space to hide shit.

38ef86  No.12673329

>google caught spying with your data

Why is this a surprise

db6d65  No.12673353


Normie tier shit. Is this your first day here?

acb907  No.12673391


>records conversations without the users knowing.

>uploads the files




<fucking liars


dd067d  No.12673428

YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.


>eating tendies in 2019

what exactly are you going to root your phone with , linux???

you think thats safe?

fb3f99  No.12673450

This is why they changed their policies for ACR. Autmatic Call Recording apps are prohibited recording calls according to their new policy.

Really discussing.

d63fc4  No.12673471


I use "call recorder" that's on f-droid.

75f930  No.12673542

Invidious embed. Click thumbnail to play.



4a30c6  No.12673554

> Google was also found to keep track of the users’ location and search history.

That's a legal violation of GDPR and they can be fined heavily for that. Doesn't align with the purpose specification principle they don't need audio nor web search to improve their service and I doubt it's explicitly mentioned in their ToS for the voice service. The delete all option is relevant for the fact that an user can access the data that has been collected but the data that was being collected wasn't allowed to be collected in the first place.

b813c8  No.12673567

I'll just do a google search of how to protect my privacy online.

CIAniggers BTFO.

f70880  No.12673589


also you can bash them pretty good and still work, even if the rest of the device is phucked

215baf  No.12673659


Annnnnnd how does a phone have a belief system?

215baf  No.12673673


I was going to agree with you but your reasoning is a bit off. Of course gapps will be bigger than the OS. gapps is all the software/apps, the OS just runs it. Not to say google aren't putting shit in there, of course they are.

000000  No.12673683


f70880  No.12673718

File: 9ada82d5de4ff80⋯.gif (887.05 KB, 460x480, 23:24, bump.gif)

000000  No.12673743


it will still be listening. best to just physically disconnect mic and speakers seeing as most people seem to have stopped making voice calls

000000  No.12673746


not necessarily

2ca532  No.12673882


I do the same but just noise. I'm trying to give them a headache.

ae0f29  No.12673895

>MFW I don't actually give a shit, and never will.

513e59  No.12673897

So what. As if this is news. If you’re going to discuss sensitive information and tactics, I would hope you put all your electronics in a separate room.

f2a203  No.12673907


now this is CIA posting.

006d85  No.12673920


Sign off every conversation with "my longterm plan is to bomb xxxx to get my israeli citizenship"

7b9898  No.12673925

nasim had the right idea with youtube, now google needs a visit from some motivated young person, or a team of 12 motivated persons

9bf18c  No.12673994



How else would it be able to recognize "OK" and "OK, Google"?

a4ff06  No.12674016


Fucking this. If you don't root your phone in current year+4 you are a fucking retard. Even more so if you use your phone only for calls. You have a fucking supercomputer in your pocket, that should not be used on facebook or only calls.

e88d79  No.12674027

>people here don't own a first gen moto g running resurrection remix with microG

26f7ec  No.12674029


>rooting does something tangible without reformatting to a non-stock rom

>there is a viable rom to flash every tracking device with

>you won’t be able to update for security or other patches again and that is completely ok

>trust me, you won’t end up losing wifi on the device no matter how many times you attempt to reinstall the wireless blob

>Tuan’s shoddy, buggy cracks just work

t. Retard

26f7ec  No.12674038


Who needs Gapps when you have Yalp on Fdroid.

d449a1  No.12674048


>the hot word ‘OK Google’ is detected

To even detect any word, the phone has to scan anything you say by default. So, practically, the phone knows everything you say, its just a matter of it deciding to record (and send it home) or not. And everyone knows that every phone has mandatory government modifications, so it could have a 1000 trigger words to start recording your conversation.

Using a mobile phone today is no different than to glue a camera on your forehead and stream 24/7 on facebook.

ae0f29  No.12674051


Pretty sure that would void the warranty on my $1000 "supercomputer". I like having that warranty, because sometimes, shit just happens.

f42d60  No.12675929


It does only if you use SuperSu

Use magisk and if you have SuperSU uninstall it and install masgisk.


Also if you root your phone it does not automatically make it 'safe'

8f152b  No.12675942


It only listens onna thirdy second loop goi

3a886b  No.12676016

Why wouldn’t they record everything all the time? There are numerous advantages and zero disadvantages. They can and are and have been for years. There was no way this wouldn’t come to pass, it is the logical conclusion of this technology.

ebf4ed  No.12676120

Remember, the phone is only recording AFTER you speak the magic phrase it records to know when to start recording. What do you mean "it needs to be recording all the time in order to work?" You crazy tinfoil hat person!

9c2160  No.12676331


>Why wouldn’t they record everything all the time? There are numerous advantages and zero disadvantages.

The problem would be bandwidth usage at the hardware layer. If every phone uploaded 24 hours of recorded audio, so lets say .5MB per minute with 1440 minutes per day it'd be near 700MB of bandwidth used per phone per day. Way too expensive even for google.

ab9ce8  No.12676377


When the retard out-retards the retard.

b602fd  No.12676383



>The problem would be bandwidth usage at the hardware layer.

Don't forget the battery sapping energy expense of precluding sleep on the device. There is very likely a low energy DSP whose sole job is to listen for something similar to "okay Google" and decide whether to wake the main cpu for final validation of the candidate data in the buffer.

I don't want any of that shit, and so I disabled those services/apps and whitelist-only firewalled off my outbound traffic. But if I were to design a feature like an "OK Google" wake keyword, that's how I would do it, and that's also why you wouldn't be able to make your wake phrase any random thing you wanted.

936b20  No.12676411


And you’re a faggot for needing a warranty

d11cac  No.12676420


based. I'll never give a shit, and you can never make me give a shit.

cfc603  No.12676482

i fuckig knew it!!!

i talk about some stuff, then see it suggesting links in youtube or google.

i watch vids on my friends youtube account, and suggest related links on mine! bastards got our lives by the balls

and our gov is allowing it. same as facebook. dont have an fb and nvr will

bf01bf  No.12677552



I’m not in the field so I won’t profess to knowledge above my station but I am coming from the angle of what we know from which I think it is safe to make assumptions. We know that for example every Intel processor is fully compromised to the extent that governments have to specifically request custom processors to build secure devices for their own use. This has been the case for years longer than it was public knowledge and people were able to use very convincing arguments as to why it wasn’t possible, only it was.

We know for a fact that at least one (so we can presume all) of the five eyes (so we can presume all rival agencies worth their salt) has the ability to intercept and store all data transmitted by all devices connected anywhere on the internet. We know that half a decade ago one agency alone had the ability to store a full years worth of this data. Prior to this revelation people were able to make very credible sounding arguments for why this wasn’t possible, only it was.

The incentive to build and store a permanent database containing as broad of a data field as possible is huge. I am sure any technical hurdles have been overcome already. Maybe the device stores the data temporarily on the device itself, compresses it somehow and then uploads it at an opportune time. I just can’t believe they would waste an opportunity like this and with unlimited budgets and vast intellectual and technological resources between both government and big tech, I’m sure they aren’t.

d4fad8  No.12685414

Use uMatrix. Check out >>>/tech/

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