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/icup/ - 8chan cup

ketchup is for winners
Winner of the 75nd Attention-Hungry Games
/caco/ - Azarath Metrion Zinthos

March 2019 - 8chan Transparency Report
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links to our: twitter - hitbox - email - new wiki - dailymotion endchan bunker

File: 1460248382628.png (566.08 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, icup3.png)


what we'll need

updated team rosters

good color commentators (auditions soon)

dank OC

hopockets edit:

guys if you're going to make a thread on another board be sure to check if there already is one

most boards have been cool with us but just make sure to not be shitting up another board and annoying the mod team.

teams that are done

/ggrevolt/cyber/a/ and /tv/

Post last edited at


Wait a minute this is back on now? What happened behind the scenes to where we're doing this again so soon?


Also some questions:

>How many teams are we expanding to?

>Is Cotton back?

>When is this happening?

>What would be a cutoff for boards to be allowed in?

>Are any boards being removed for being too small/not here anymore?

>See if we can get into contact with BO's to sticky roster/team changing threads as well as team making threads?

>Should we finish the wiki before we start?

>Are we ever going to get a god damn png of the /cow/ logo so that can be done?

>Are we ever going to get a star logo for /leftypol/ like /a/ did?

>Should we ask if boards want to participate this time, (IE some on /furry/ don't want to anymore)?

>Who is streaming?



>expanding? we may shrink depending on board interst/ active boards

cotton's back

happening summer-ish a lot is still TBD and depending on board involvement.

cut off will be activity and interest. like /sp/ isn't really a part of 8chan anymore.

yes, please finish wiki

>/cow/ logo, idk man those lazy fucks…

didn't we get a star logo? if not i can make one.



Well, /egy/ seems interested and we can send out invites to new boards in the top 25 who don't have a team yet. I think top 50 should be the cutoff as well as having their own thing/culture. We would need new boards to replace ones leaving/being removed. Do we have an idea on which one's are gone besides /sp/? Also yes, we need a /leftypol/ champ logo.

I'm just surprised he's back so soon.




getting back into the swing of wiki editing


i also have a few potential templates which could be added to the wiki, but i want to get some more pages established



make a thread for wiki editing if there isn't already one let us know what you still need and i'll see what i can find.



it is done




sticky'd i'll work on what i can in the morning.



tossed in a page tier for the second post


Will Cotton be on tomorrow to talk about things?

>Teams that are confirmed removed from what I hear:


>Teams I put forward to be on the chopping block (no offense to those listed):





These are boards outside the top 50. You also have /his/ that is in and out. /kind/ & /baphomet/ are hanging on and I think they should stay.


Now, boards that I think should be considered for a team:

>/ggrevolt/ (unless they're grouped under the general /gamergate/ team)





These are boards new to the top 25, should really be considered. /egy/ the Egyptian board has shown interest so I think they should be a contender.




>/zoo/ (doubtful)


Just some other boards from the top 50 that are ideas. I do think it would be wise to limit to the top 50 boards this time around, they don't show interest then try the top 100.



/ggrevolt/ will never be under the same banner with /gamergatehq/.



Well /gamergate/ has been used as the general team since there were all those gg boards that split off last year. ggr is welcome to make their own team if they wish since I guess they don't like that.



>wanting /just/ out

I don't give a fuck about the rest but /just/ should stay. They were one of the funniest and best teams in the last cup, I know many anons were rooting for them as they were playing some good offensive and kek-y soccer.


File: 1460310476154.gif (1.19 MB, 450x337, 450:337, 16 - I8jM5.gif)

https://8ch.net/leftypol/res/642722.html new because the last time the server derped

https://8ch.net/gamergatehq/res/311877.html#q321761 because they're back on the top 25, they tend to float in and out of it.

https://8ch.net/b/res/5624922.html#5625149 last one 404'd



We need at least 1 or 2 joke teams to add some much needed laughs




so much this.



I was just generalizing as they are boards outside of it. I have an idea actually, how about we hold a 2 game exhibition? /just/ vs /starwars/ & /cyber/ vs. /senran/. Winners get to compete in the upcoming tournament. Or one of those can be removed already & /his/ can be subbed in.

I would like some input from the organizers on which boards are staying in and which boards are getting invites.



I think effort put into the teams should count for something, not just board rank. /senran/, /his/ and /starwars/ all put more effort into their stuff than the /gamergate team last year after all.




How do you make a team?


current state of threads on other boards:









every other board so far seems to either not be responding or not doing anything, which is fine i guess





would be pretty interesting to see a /gamergate/ derby in the next cup, so i hope efforts over there get off the ground



/v/ is relatively active. Had a sticky for a while.


This. These teams had custom stadiums as well as kits. They deserve another round, especially if other boards take a shit load of time just to get a team off the ground.



New interim rep for /tv/ here. We're working on the team, but there's a demand for Fraser and Sheev.

If the /just/ vs. /starwars/ play-off happens, could we leave a spot in our roster open for whoever loses?



I need to make a thread on /fit/ we should have something going in a few hours


updated list of board threads




>>>/ggrevolt/92881 and >>>/ggrevolt/92458

>>>/v/8992816 (will get bumped off within the next few hours, archive here: https://archive.is/J0y6a)












>>>r9k thread

Teams with Internal Threads

/christian/ >>4758

/bane/ >>4719

/tv/ >>3344

/pol/ >>691


shit, forgot /b/






Just made one



Can we get a better logo, if nothing else, something more neutral?



i'm sure that the one which we have currently is just temporary, seeing as we're only three days into planning this cup



>good color commentators (auditions soon)

I'd like to see what I can do. Who's a good contact for that?



yeah, we usually hold a contest for the official logo. this was just something i threw together for keks.



skype icup.official or gattsuthebasaka


Is there a deadline for sending the modified info ?

When does the cup start btw?



no deadline yet. the cup will start tentatively summer. we're still in the early stages.



>>How many teams are we expanding to?

Staying at 32, some teams may be replaced depending on interest.

>>Is Cotton back?

Yes, and I'm relieved to be able to come back.

>>When is this happening?

The exact date is TBA because it mainly depends on my employment status at that time and because I don't have a desktop right now as I sold the old one. I'll probably look at getting one that fits in a smaller case and has a better GPU for handling the load.

>>What would be a cutoff for boards to be allowed in?

June 1st seems like a good cutoff time, but that's not official as of yet but I want team rosters to be finalized ASAP so I can move on to game editing and in-game content.

>>Are any boards being removed for being too small/not here anymore?

Not sure as of now, /sp/ may be taken out depending on their interest in staying.

>>See if we can get into contact with BO's to sticky roster/team changing threads as well as team making threads?

I can always try mod mail, although I've never used it so I hope it'll work.

>>Should we finish the wiki before we start?

I'd hope the team pages will be finished by then, I'll try to help as well once roster changes come in and I'll edit them in along with whoever else is around.

>>Are we ever going to get a god damn png of the /cow/ logo so that can be done?

Maybe if I get my desktop within the next month sure, my current shitbox laptop can't even run Photoshop and is a 10 year old piece of junk.

>>Are we ever going to get a star logo for /leftypol/ like /a/ did?

I think somebody made that already so yeah.

>>Should we ask if boards want to participate this time, (IE some on /furry/ don't want to anymore)?

If nobody at all wants it I say listen.

>>Who is streaming?

I will for now as long as I can get the time off to do it.


We're VERY early in so I would say no deadline as of yet. I'm aiming to have it ready for July/August.



Hello Cotton. Glad you're back. So regarding colour commentators, should I record some stuff and send it your way or simply send you a link to my podcast so you can judge? I'd rather not post it here cuz I don't want to shill.



Yeah send me a link on the second skype linked above "gattsuthebasaka"



Cotton I'm going to level with you here, I don't think I'm going to help like I did before. I'm starting to grow disillusioned with the site. I love the communities here on many boards but the site is decaying hard, loading times have now spiked on pages and shit seems dire. I'm just not coming here as much as I used to. Sorry man




I will say the posting errors seem almost resolved which is nice. Just the page loading and 503/502 stuff is getting too much again.


cotton i'm just curious do we know what happened to the streams for the 16th and the 17th or if there's anything that can actually be done about them?



But when I'm here I'll see what I can do. errors and shit just need to be fixed man.




Personally I don't blame you, the site has been fucking shitty lately with the atrocious loading times and HW unwillingness to purge the junk data from the servers because for some reason Jim wants it there.

I'm hoping that HW is working towards solving the problem, but I'm very worried. If this site goes I just hope that the communities can migrate to a new site that doesn't run like ass.


interest has massivly decreased and i worry this is almost turning into a circlejerk of the few actually ibvested board reps tbh.

/leftypol/ will be ready to earn a second star though.

i also made the /leftypol/ wiki page contain relevant information



honestly i don't know how accurate it is to say whether or not interest has waned right now seeing as currently we're at least two months away from anything happening, nothing has really been planned out for this infinity cup yet (aside from a vague date of "Summer 2016"), and people just have other commitments like school and work with no real time to spare

i think we'll have a much better picture of whether or not people are actually interested when we get closer to summer




looks like >>>/a/ has a finalized roster


Kaiser Reinhardo, Gold (C)

Dio Brando, Gold

Megumin, Silver








Ainz Oowl Gown

Sadpanda (GK)


Kyon-kun Denwa~

Fluffy Yukari






Takumi Fujiwara

Josuke Higashikata

Straight Shota


Girls Pooping


what teams are done?

i'll add them to the OP.



/ggrevolt/, /a/ and /tv/ are basically done as far as i can tell. /co/ is coming close but they don't seem to have a set roster yet. everybody else is sorta lagging behind



i think /cyber/ said they were keeping the roster the same, so i'll count them as done.


File: 1461075790399.png (117.85 KB, 425x882, 425:882, finalized roster.png)


/b/ is done with the roster as well. Will be posting export soon if necessary


So…. if 8chan shits the bed, where will this be organized?



fucking 502 errors man. Anyways, if 8ch dies so does this, its pretty obvious since its based on each respective boardculture of 8ch.



If 8ch shits the bed and dies so does this mate.


can anyone point me in the right direction to make boxheads? Making actual faces like /pone/ did seems hard as fuck judging by the consolidated modding tools thread. Any helps appreciated, thanks.



Probably wherever most of the users end up, then I guess the name gets changed to wherever it's at. That is if the remaining users get interested in the idea/even if it's a different game.


File: 1461218521930-0.jpg (18.01 KB, 169x255, 169:255, 1461215737537-0.jpg)

File: 1461218521930-1.png (1.93 KB, 117x143, 9:11, GGR_kit.png)

finalized /ggrevolt/ roster…

GK - Wrongthink

LB - MoralFag

CB - Anti SJW (GOLD)

CB - Ralph Shill (SILVER)

RB - Ethics Cuck


CMF - Another Alison

CMF - > It's OK when they do it.


SS - Boogeyman (SILVER)

CF - Δs (C)(GOLD)


GK - GGR != GG

GK - Lily Feng Yourself

CB - 701 Tuttle

CB - Manhattan KS

RB - #burgersandfries

RB - v/GamerGate

LB - #downtaindewandmoritos

LB - r/BannedFromKiA

CMF - DevDex

CMF - Ultras

DMF - Donk Mems

DMF - Cole Lamberson

thread: >>4853

wiki page: http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//ggrevolt/



or alternatively it could just be a tournament between the splinter chans, seeing as we already have /sp/ from 76 and /leftypol/ representing the USSC



Rally point for /icup/ discussion


8chan is crapping out, and we made some donk OC for this shit.

I just made /endcup/ over at Endchan


I mean, if 8chan becomes too unstable, it's a good fallback. I'd be willing to give it to the BO here if it becomes permanent.



Made a thread over there too




added it to the top "announcement" links.



/b/ has also finished their goalhorns and stuff. We're keeping our stadium and kits.

Updated team pastebin: http://pastebin.com/dpMTCW6n



A daily reminder that most of the votes on Diarrhea.wav was from one samefagger.



Same goes for the Jared Fogle, I simply didn't count any of those.



If it's outside the top 50, this team get the axe






> Infinity Omega Cup


File: 1461625257669-0.png (72.56 KB, 323x237, 323:237, 1446249814637.png)

File: 1461625257669-1.mp4 (947.35 KB, 640x360, 16:9, Damn it.mp4)

File: 1461625257669-2.gif (63.48 KB, 240x135, 16:9, 1447245415326.gif)




Holy fug it actually posted instantly, maybe things have been fixed.


/sp/ is in the process of updating their team for this cup



Now with the site working better, can I get an update on which teams are done with rosters and updates, which teams are still needed, and what boards are being asked to participate/if they want to this time around/invited?



/ggrevolt/, /a/, /tv/, /b/, /cyber/. /co/ is close, and everybody else i think needs a follow up or a bump




/sp/ is working on updating their roster, and it looks like sloveniabro from /intl/ is still around over there so it could be possible to reboot /intl/. outside of that, contacting >>>/sugen/, >>>/homosuck/, >>>/2hu/, >>>/egy/, >>>/wooo/, >>>/aus/, >>>/mtt/ and >>>/rwby/, has been proposed but i don't think anybody has followed up on those



Alright sounds good, has anyone said if we are asking if boards want to drop out like how some on /furry/ feel?



nope, not yet. only board that people wanted to drop was /sp/ for being from 76chan



Alright, the stats page is frozen for now but if it comes back I would recommend seeing if boards like /hgg/, /erp/, and /animus/ be considered.



Considered for invites that is.





4900 get :^)


Gonna get a new thread started on /v/ now and actually log the changes and not just leave it after a couple days.



Well done.


if someone wants to make new threads for semi-active communities like >>>/his/, please do so

non-404ed threads for competing boards





just noticed also that >>>/fringe/ exists, is active, and nobody's reached out to it yet. if someone wants to knock that out to gauge interest there please feel free


so to summarize:








>>>/co/ (>>>/co/562108)

>>>/v/ (>>>/v/9154992)


>>>/sp/ (https://76chan.org/sp/res/49410.html)

>>>/pone/ (>>>/pone/233149)















>>>/his/ (2 threads away from 404)























They're probably just going to reuse the same team from last time.







to be reached out to



toss that in to completed then


/pone/ looks like it'll be done soon


/v/ also appears to have completed their roster


>(215), Gold

Doomguy, Gold (C)

Todd Howard, Silver

Sundowner, Silver




Anthony Burch

J.C. Denton


Hulk Hogan

Lanky Kong-GK



Patrick Bateman


John Carmack

Stu Pickles


John Romero

Hideki Kamiya

Dewrito Pope

Cream Cheese Bagel

Dr. Piccolo

Professor Layton



Is (215) an ID post amount reference?








It was a ridiculous thread on /v/ where some anti-piracy fag went on for over 12 hours reaching 215 posts. It was absolute madness and autism. I wish I had saved the fucking thread though if you ask nicely on /v/ I'm sure some anon will have screenshots.



it's probably archived on archive.is seeing as that's the sort of autismal shit /v/ lives for


/pone/ looks like it's basically done


>CF- Ruby (GOLD)

>SS- Aryanne (GOLD)

>LMF- ==RAPE==


>CMF- >>>/mlp/ (SILVER)

>CMF- GEP's Gun Collection

>LB- >Watching Unironically

>CB- Spoilered Porn

>CB- Dead Board

>RB- Illegal Immigrant Sunset Shimmer

>GK- Smooze


>CF- Sketchy (GOLD)

>CF- Earth Pony Twilight (GOLD)

>RMF- Error 502 (SILVER)

>CMF- Fury Belle (SILVER)

>CMF- prrrrrrrr……..

>LMF- 1philly.oat


>CB- Heartbroken Lyra

>CB- Funposting

>LB- Pure Pony Pleasure

>GK- Gordon Ramsey

Anthems- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWlQOgH2i28

Goal Horn- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7FKtuRr9eQ&feature=youtu.be&t=21s

Aryanne Theme- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApUHT6ixBTQ&feature=youtu.be&t=1m41s

Ruby Theme- https://youtu.be/4VaJVDHRpvA?t=21s

Red Theme- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXoZsgNHquM

==RAPE== Theme- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IAx-ZRUJnVw




I'm thinking the closer we get to rosters for current teams being finalized is when invitations to new boards be sent out. Nice to see several already done.





What? Subs can't be medals what the fuck? Also, why would you even have subs for medals when medals can't be subbed out? Looks like /pone/ enjoys getting raped every tourney



pretty sure the adding of golds on subs was a fuck up



>medal subs

You know what that isn't necessarily a bad idea. But that'll have to wait till next Cup.



i feel like that would be hilarious but overpowered as fuck for teams like /a/ which already score a sextillion goals per game

imagine two DIO BRANDOs


I hope /wooo/ does participate, them taking on /fit/ would be the most manly game we could have.



Well if we do medal subs it would probably be better to have 1 silver and 1 gold on the field only during the game. But I'll probably test this out with PES2017 if its any good and work from there.



you should get on telling them then. i don't know that all the boards currently in will end up participating anyways, so it'd be good to see if we can get some other teams ready



I'll see what I can do.


>have a roster figured out

>go to put it on the wiki later on

>some nigger does a catalog wipe

>no one's brought it up since

I'll just let Estonia figure out what to do with /sp/




GK Hope Solos Vagina



CB I-94

CB McQueen


CMF Wadina

CMF i lik criket


RWF Chinky Raccoon

CF Wade Davis (Captain)

GK Plad

CB Squish

CB Bobby V

CB Curlfu

CB Meatpies




CMF Snout

CMF Ironton Elementary




>Site is fucking up again

Sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it.


Looks like some massive shit is going down in /operate/ and HW isn't admin anymore (apparently he's sharing with CodeMonkey and Jim), and now /hebe/ and the like are getting legal threads nuked and there's a chance /loli/ might be next based on a post on Jim's blog board. Also Lowcard is gone. Will update with more information later.


File: 1463069123441.gif (2.93 MB, 240x135, 16:9, agiri river.gif)

Yeah you know what I think the canary in the mine just stopped singing so I think I'm pretty deadset on calling it quits now.

However I don't want to just get up and abandon the site so for now I'd like anyone to take the below poll and share it with boards participating in /icup/ III and see if they would still be interested in watching another one, because if the 8chan community is this broken I don't really see a point in putting on another parade for a website that has now been completely taken over by a egotistical lunatic and abandoned by based hotwheels. So depending on the poll results I think its safe to say that /icup/ is no more unless Jim makes a serious apology and repents on his actions.


I'm sorry to everyone who have been working hard over the past year and helping with the events and I thank everyone for caring so much but depending on this poll I think the curtain is closing for us all.


i think given the current state of affairs with the site, the best option for keeping /icup/ alive is to decentralize it and make it something like the *chan cup. it's probably inevitable anyways, seeing as we already have several communities who have made their home at endchan or 76chan or their own babby splinter, but the sooner we commit to it i think the more likely it is /icup/ will live


I honestly think the best action would be to wait for this to cool down and see what happens with other boards. Wait until whatever people that want to leave settle somewhere then think if you want to continue this.


tossed up a new thread over on /sp/


we'll see how that goes, but it looks like they also want to keep this going. since i posted it the poll's gotten an additional four yes votes




Well if the poll is indicative of interest then I guess at the very least I'll see that /icup/ III happens and whatever happens from there goes.

However I'll likely only be free in the Summer time for now on so it would be better if we could find a streamer to do Winter events who can achieve the same quality I was able to in /icup/ I or better.



If anything from what I've noticed no board that has a team left, even /hebe/ which the staff quit is still right up there with /cuteboys/. So I guess we didn't need to worry about that.


/aus/ has a thread now over at



also, it looks like team /gamergate/ is now officially dead, meaning that it's the only not-one-and-done team which has lost every game it ever played.

maybe /gamergatehq/ and /ggrevolt/ will be better



/ggrevolt/ doesn't have a team manager yet. everything is done except putting the characters into a game file. How do I do that? Or could someone help me with it?



not certain, you should probably ask cotton about that


alternatively, the answer could be in 4cc's guide


not sure


/furry/ thread, i guess



Should have asked this earlier, but, are we using PES 2014, 15, 16, what?



15 version 1.03, dlc 3.00



Does this mean we need to make a new list of modding tools? The ones I had dl'ed were for PES2014



No the old list should have everything

Check the older threads if needed or give me a sec and I'll repost the links


where the ICCC at?


>/hebe/ is kill

What now?



What? If you mean the organizers this is it.




so i guess we can count them out of the cup at this point, unless they have some designated chan they're on and want to continue



They migrated to .pl however I checked today and apparently czaks deleted their board so I think they've moved to the Masterchan honeypot since that place gained 200-300 users in the past week.

If the /hebe/ team rep is around to clarify info that would be top notch, however I'm assuming its safe to say that they'll likely be replaced by /ggrevolt/, which is sad because /hebe/'s team was pretty funny and they had some top notch kits.




Does it make any sense that that killed a lot of the fondness I have for this site? I mean Hotwheels hated the pedos but he refused to do anything about the board as it would have violated his principles. Just doesn't seem like the same site any longer.



Well I guess it really depends on if you'd constitute the posting of child models as illegal in US law or not, Jim alleges its illegal in California, although apparently it is illegal federally

>Depictions of even a clothed child violate U.S. federal law 18 U.S.C. § 2252(a)(2), 18 U.S.C. § 2252(a)(4), and 18 U.S.C. § 2256(2)(E) if they constitute "lascivious" exhibitions of the genitalia or pubic area. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has defined "lascivious" as "tending to excite lust; lewd; indecent; obscene; sexual impurity; tending to deprave the morals in respect to sexual relations."

So I guess there's really nothing that could be done especially from the legal troubles keeping the content around would have done. However if Jim comes for actual legal shit like shit posted on /loli/ and /zoo/ then there will be a cause for concern.

Also has anyone noticed a change to the captcha images? Whats up with that?



>Also has anyone noticed a change to the captcha images? Whats up with that?

from what I recall, blank spaces can no longer be used for entering in captchas (ex. "dup tits" would become "duptits").

also I originally meant for this tripfag persona I made to be ironic, but fuck it, I might as well actually manage the actual team instead of doing nothing but shitpost



shit, forgot my tripcode



test post #3

mods pls delete these once combination is reached


File: 1464129837294.png (3.88 KB, 500x250, 2:1, Oekaki.png)

Any new updates?


still here. wew


File: 1464613350336.png (1.13 KB, 25x25, 1:1, 9f330de472abbf3c05c1d135fb….png)


me as well.



I need answers here >>5007



The files needed are the export file for the team under settings>export team and the cpk for kits allocated to the team

Also since /hebe/ is dead just overwrite them.



Which position is hebe in? I can't find a save file or anything that would tell me.


I kind of hope if this happens interest will be renewed in it, but I'm starting to think people don't care as much for community events like they used too myself included. I think with the endless minor drama always going around people are just tired of everything and want to get their boards back on track.



It might be that at the moment. Maybe later on we might come up with some kind of different unique community event altogether, though we may have to find something that can be modded as easily as PES.



A racing game or madden nfl perhaps? How about that one idea that was thrown around before which was making CAWs in a WWE game?



WWE stuff is pretty classic. It may work to start somewhere along those lines. Have each board put in a character that represents them, and then have a tournament of multiple events that steadily decides who gets whittled down.

Rather than a random generator, you can use Royal Rumble in some form to decide who's paired up with who during the events.




Given that /wooo/ is a board here it would be a solid idea.

In the meantime though, answers? >>5013


File: 1465212707116.jpg (36.54 KB, 500x500, 1:1, Consider-The-Following-ran….jpg)

Anyone else think /ggrevolt/ should be removed, they fucked off to endchan and they don't really give two shits about 8chan anymore. I mean we let /sp/ play because everyone loves /sp/ but everyone either hates them or considers them cancer. So why waste the time and effort in adding them?



only because 8chan was fucking broke for like weeks and months.




Not really sure myself


>only because 8chan was fucking broke for like weeks and months.

And everyone else is still here





File: 1466386472988-0.png (1.46 KB, 117x143, 9:11, Kit Icon 2.png)

File: 1466386472988-1.png (1.24 KB, 117x143, 9:11, Kit Icon.png)


Just need to know which team ID to take over from /hebe/

The team is ready, just want to pack up the exports with a nice little bow.

Also, you don't have these up on the wiki.



> Also, you don't have these up on the wiki.



is icup III actually going to ever happen?

i guess not, right?



It's happening. Relax.


File: 1466799928322.webm (Spoiler Image, 7.48 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, _.webm)

>Endchan Bunker

>There a link near the top for a ENDCHAN BUNKER


Any word from Cotton or the BO?






I think it would be best for wrasslin to happen instead for the time being.


File: 1468432640257.jpg (36.52 KB, 487x720, 487:720, 200 percent slam.jpg)


Yeah its probably better if somebody else takes over because I'm just WAY too busy with work and school now to continue doing something as intensive as this with only 4-5 other people helping out and a couple more contributing stuff.

I still wanna host stuff for the community but I think I'm pretty much done with /icup/ for good. The time frame it takes to run it is too intensive for my current lifestyle and I realize how incredibly autistic you really have to be to run a 3-4 week long virtual soccer event with content, organized volunteers and everything and at this point I'd rather look into something different that would get more people actually involved, be a lot more unique (since this basically was halfchan cup without manager autism and a lot less time and people involved) and try again later when I get some more time and money.

I regret not being able to coordinate the event better and bring back the magic that day 1 of /icup/ I had, it was easily the most fun I've had on 8chan since I've come here and I was happy to do something special for the site when it was still young and growing and I still want to continue to maybe bring that back and make something even more fun but for now I gotta make my personal life come first and once I get adjusted to my new life and my new goals and dreams then maybe I can bring back some of that old magic this place had.

Thank you all for supporting the event so far and if the BO continues it I hope you support it again if it goes for another iteration under somebody else. And thank you to Savior, Erik, Spidey, Shoutwiki, the /his/ Board Owner and all of the board volunteers and supporters who helped make /icup/ happen and I'm fortunate enough even to have been able to have put on such an amazing event with you all and best of luck with all of your future endeavors.

Also if anyone wants to talk to me about whatever I'm still on twitter so send me a PM.



Absolutely agreed.

We shouldn't let a board on another site compete, especially when said board has at most 14 people using it at any one time.


what's the situation on /k/ or /fit/? these are some of the other boards i go to and aren't very likely to have full teams


I saved the html archive some anon posted in the end once the janitors deleted (215)'s posts but some anon still had the tabs open. here it is (you'll have to extract the .7z file and open the .html on your browser)




no wait fuck i'm retarded, the way we use dates compared to burgers confused me

the op wasn't made on 4 of this month it was made on 9 of may


File: 4607737c945e3e7⋯.jpg (1009.76 KB, 3744x2808, 4:3, ptsd.jpg)


Guys come on we have to do it, summer wasn't there but maybe we can do fall 2016 or winter 2017 ?


File: 88d0da05ccd52a2⋯.gif (1.63 MB, 378x211, 378:211, sadtiger.gif)


its dead mate.

>mfw still have all the assets

>and team info

>but it'll never be done because no time

>no PC to do it either only shitty crap-top



I'm willing to make this rise from the dead but I need help with getting attention to the cup, we had 90% viewship fall while dubling the teams



Also, I'm willing to stream, yes, got the equipment and Internet


File: 60bea1912469dd9⋯.gif (1.21 MB, 300x168, 25:14, nirvana.gif)


skype? That way I can send you the assets and stuff, I'm guessing you already have the game downloaded? We can begin the shilling by having something like friendly matches in the bigger boards, but remember that 90% of the viewership fell because when ICUP II was hosted 8ch was practically dead. Posting was impossible, the site was always done or barely functional. I'm guessing we should be able to get a bigger viewership for this one.

Post specs and internet speed pls.



Ivy Bridge i5 and a 7850, 25 down 5 up.

Just put the assets here, also. I don't have a Skype yet, we'll organize that stuff when we can shill boards.

For this cup, we should go back to 16 teams but still have group stages



HMU at Skype, username is moonman_fan

I dısappeared for too long after icup 2.

Time to revive it


File: 3902b610e9fb866⋯.gif (1.95 MB, 446x250, 223:125, 345678794665789099087.gif)


>back to 16 teams

What about the big boards from the second expansion like /b/ or /cuteboys/?


Will add you, and I'll post the assets here.



Not the original 16 but the top 16 most visited boards.

That means no /bane/ or /argentina/ or shit.

But, since /hgg/ said they dont want in, we'd keep r9k or add in /brit/


File: ef371ad9cd84435⋯.gif (15.67 KB, 320x288, 10:9, perfect.gif)


>no /bane/

Thats too bad. I guess we should also see which ones in the top 16 are interested tho. Also here are the links to everything, including the game I think.






That and the commenters were extremely boring and a lack of hype was generated in general.



Hey, sine /v9k/ is now rising now, should we test somethings, build hype, and tell them we're back by making /r2k/ battling /v9k/ (with the winner go into the /icup/ iii)?


/icup/ revival when?


File: f534a90234f9a54⋯.jpg (55.95 KB, 620x388, 155:97, ukraine_2242007b.jpg)



only 1 post from current year…

anyone else? or is it ded for good?








christmas cup for the win.

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