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Modern Day, Modern Time.

File: 2f398f9ee3bb3ba⋯.jpg (17.38 KB, 182x268, 91:134, bigdegeneracy.jpg)

535f3f No.10680215

Big Mouth. An animated "comedy" about puberty. Really, an excuse for Jews to animate kids jerking off. An animated penis of a 12-year old is in the first episode, yep, full frontal. Close up. Because a little boy's penis filling the entire screen is supposed to be funny.

If you haven't guessed by now, the creators of the show are Jewish. Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg to be exact. And the animation looks like it was done by a five year old with downs.

There are 10 episodes, 10 too many, entitled "Ejaculation" "Everybody bleeds" "Am I gay" "Girls are horny too" "Requiem for a wet dream" "I survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah" and "The Pornscape". The dialogue has the standard delivery of the voice actors nearly screaming their lines, being as grating and rude as possible. The jokes take Jewish toilet humor to a new low, exploring child sexuality in a way that is obviously a prelude to the normalization of pedophilia.

You'd think something this much of a trainwreck would be rightly panned by critics, but since it is written by Jews and fulfills the progressive agenda, it has a shocking 100% rating on RottenTomatoes, with reviews that include such high praise as:

>If Big Mouth manages to maintain this level of absurd-yet-relatable comedy, then we can rest easy knowing that series may become one of Netflix's flagship properties.

>I also can't say enough about how explicitly and sensitively Big Mouth depicts adolescent sexual exploration.

Who is the audience for this supposed to be? Letting children view this should be considered abuse. I can't imagine why a sane, stable adult would want to watch a show about children going through puberty. In a rational society it would be considered obscenity; remember, this was written and voiced by adults, who felt secure enough to release this as a public work through a major media distributor, who also felt like this was worth promoting as a "flagship property". No one in the company ever thought to stand up and say "No, this show is a terrible idea."

I wouldn't be surprised if this is the pedophiles testing the waters, and if there aren't many complaints and cancellations over this then you can probably expect Netflix's future animes to include explicit child pornography, as Big Mouth already practically fits the description.

They'll continue trying to normalize pedophilia so they can fuck your children free from fear of consequences, and you'll be labeled an evil something something for judging the pedophiles for their disgusting and destructive behavior.

c883f7 No.10680258

>Who is the audience for this supposed to be?


62c774 No.10680268

File: 4e37aa506837a94⋯.gif (1.55 MB, 800x533, 800:533, 4e37aa506837a94af4f34e2330….gif)

"Coming of age all over the place"

Words cannot adequately express my disgust.

792a16 No.10680273


said it in the first thread about this, saying it again. these characters are very clearly modeled after how these cucks look irl. ugly fucking kikes with big fat sausage lips and retarded mongoloid expressions.

what a horrendous art style.

792a16 No.10680283



remove the kikes, and encourage having many kids with pure images of a vague suggestive nature, in the sense of "suggesting towards fertility"

792a16 No.10680292


not sure what to think here with your 88s. tat seems just too raucous for me and probably most others. was there a father?

cfa371 No.10680295


>explore their sexuality

t. (((sexologist)))

792a16 No.10680301

>>10680300 (checked)

was he tall and masculine?


that walmart did look pretty shitty in the pictures. checked those dubs

63ea1a No.10680308


>you'll be labeled an evil something something for judging the pedophiles

"Pedophobe", obviously. They have to project their mentally ill state on others.

de92ac No.10680309


no fucking way I'd ever let my daughter leave the house like that. her parents should be ashamed

00cd5d No.10680315

File: dbb4d8bf71ee5f0⋯.jpg (189.32 KB, 566x800, 283:400, 1399407618434.jpg)


Daily reminder that the only reason she can wear this without fear of getting raped is because we still have cops that will protect her. I truly hope for the day degenerates like this are treated exactly like they should be.


Absolutely disgraceful. Has he no shame letting his daughter walk around looking like a prostitute?

e8bc8b No.10680318


>I took pictures of this teen girl in front of me at WalMart today. I told the mother that her daughter looked damn edible dressed like that. She just smiled.

>It was real in my mind.

c4522c No.10680321


Reverse image reveals you are a liar.

5de099 No.10680325


Yeah I first fapped to that pic back in 2013, so many newfags

792a16 No.10680326


kek. mind capping proofs that those pics are from elsewhere on the internet?

792a16 No.10680330


i'm no newfag at all but i still don't know that pic, since i don't jerk it to porn like some sort of nigger. stop using porn anon

58f383 No.10680334

File: 486258a8e7ae5ea⋯.png (2.41 MB, 1874x867, 1874:867, Anon_I-.png)


Either you have been really busy posting this all over, or you have defiled dubs with a damn stupid lie.

5de099 No.10680336


>i'm no newfag

Is that why you don't know how to do a reverse imagesearch?


This thread was stupid to begin with

cfa371 No.10680337


>restricting your child's sexuality

*rubs hands* oy gevalt this cannot be allowed, I've informed both CPS and the ADL so your daughter gets sent to mudslime parents that are so great they brought their 8 rapefugee youth sons with them from afri- Syria


But all cops are evil inhuman zogbots that shoot whites on sight. Remember to shoot cops yourself hwite man.


>unironically replying to some faggot that saves pictures of teens for his (((collection)))

wew lad


>stop using porn anon

But if you don't masturbate you'll get prostate, and your balls will explode and the lube industry will go bankrupt; OY VEEEEEEEEY.


ban everyone involved tbh

091e3e No.10680338


>that's what young girls look like

>young girls look like they're wearing underwear for clothing

792a16 No.10680341


i didn't care to because i'm going to that mythical place called the outside in around 10 minutes. stop usin porn faggot, keeps your ass in the basement.

792a16 No.10680344


sorry 'bout that faggot, but i'm already leaving. honestly though what is there to say about this show? not much.



>cutfags needing lube


f9b054 No.10680349

File: f6f16ec2c3f24cb⋯.gif (823.09 KB, 315x420, 3:4, bwo1_400.gif)


I drew this on my fingers and stood there and showed her

4b0332 No.10680354

File: e5ea4c126ec8151⋯.png (386.78 KB, 2286x682, 1143:341, whatthefuck.png)

>Nick Kroll

b8d1cd No.10680356

What the actual fuck, I think I'm going to need a moment.

cfa371 No.10680362


archive everything

d3fa3e No.10680372

Why would I want to reminisce about puberty? That shit was rightfully awkward and happened years later for me compared to everyone else.

0b3826 No.10680384


these pics are as old as the internet you schizo faggot

73d3ee No.10680401

>the one white girl is always beside the brown boy

Every. Single. Time.

It will never stop amazing me how normalfags never notice this.

cfa371 No.10680412


Normalfags are cattle and will remain that way for as long as they have tel avivsion and other distractions.

de92ac No.10680454


allowing your daughter to dress liek that is genocide, she should be dressing modestly and being groomed to be a wife and a mother, not a fuck toy for some retard

8f5a84 No.10680584


Retweet this is you're on social media faggots this is a major fucking redpill to normal fags


The Story


Thanks OP this is a huge story to awaken the regular folks

8b7c50 No.10680615


you're going to get absolutely raped in divorce court anon

8f5a84 No.10680769

Bump boards being slid because of kike pedophilia exposure

cb99eb No.10680873

File: 8861822e02dc734⋯.png (82.18 KB, 1136x640, 71:40, IMG_1246.PNG)

File: b65f8b29315bb8f⋯.png (189.64 KB, 640x1136, 40:71, IMG_1249.PNG)

Somebody should do some research into what nepharious activities The Vatican Was and is still involved with. The Jews are pieces of utter shit, but the real problem is The propaganda that comes DIRECTLY from The Jesuits Who are all working in Tandem with D.C. And LOndon, to assert and maintain control over every country. If you compare Migrant patterns, SEX ABUSE patterns, and Affiliation Patterns between the VATICAN and How different countries were affected FOREVER by the Vatican. YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR CAPABLE OF AS A HUMAN. Now, WE NEED to figure out a way to start a small "SECRET SOCIETY" that we can use to influence different areas of culture by recruiting people we can compartmentalize in dif Job areas that end up influencing culture. THIS is how we got to where we are now. And THIS is the only way to fix it. It's to QUIETLY build up a force so strong. We can take on the forces leading us around by the nose, just by putting news stories out. All this JEW shit talk does NOTHING but make us look horrible. SOMEBODY who is ABSOLUTLY serious about being the SECOND member of this THING IM trying should try an get ahold of me. HERES HOW. MY INITIALS ON (((YouTube))) Are U.V.H , and here's a clue on how to find my name. Find the guy with those initials who was born in the year 1488, type that name into (((YouTUBe))) and comment "In" on any vid. Serious

8f5a84 No.10681235


This isn't about the Vatican they are merely puppets of the same kikea

eba01e No.10681575

Bump for good behavior

84e819 No.10686922

im in the middle of episode 9 right now, and was wondering if /pol/ had had an autistic fit over it yet. at first it thought i was gonna quit after the first episode, but it grew on me, and it IS relateable, really makes me remember the shit of middle school.

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