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File: 1433846751810.png (284.2 KB, 689x800, 689:800, a07f0f35e06e558de535f19390….png)


This thread's purpose is to help shills, and beggars without having multiple shill or e-begging threads clog up our our catalog.

If a shill or e-begging thread is made outside of this thread it will most likely deleted, and moved here.

I'd also be interested to hear what kind of boards /kind/ likes to browse, feel free to post links to them ITT

>>>/dir/ - 8chan's Board Directory

>>>/boards/ - Find the hot board of your dreams

Post last edited at


Can we post porn boards?


File: 1433859086450-0.jpg (78.89 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, 3d286afdb3563f76fd682473a0….jpg)

File: 1433859086450-1.png (421.71 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 3e07d28ebc5c0a644ac2815988….png)

File: 1433859086450-2.jpg (74.57 KB, 583x500, 583:500, 3e80fb90d5c19e32d8343859b0….jpg)

File: 1433859086450-3.png (90.69 KB, 333x437, 333:437, 3f088b5e7b81fd7d06b41b1d5b….png)

File: 1433859086451-4.png (27.25 KB, 400x400, 1:1, 3f3991f54ea29964262c8a095d….png)


File: 1433859619287.jpg (130.95 KB, 563x605, 563:605, 31c48ffd0ac5d20d2c9253b6d6….jpg)


Nice board, can I post anything 2d or does it have to be cute?



I'm here to advertise my dick. You can post ads on it just like you would a board. Sticky notes only please. No tacks or staples


File: 1433860086184.png (500.63 KB, 630x657, 70:73, 1432896733915.png)



Nevermind , found the rules.


File: 1433875808284.png (834.57 KB, 3200x1800, 16:9, 1341355257036.png)

These are the small boards I check daily:

>>>/cute/ – Cute girls

>>>/edu/ – Education

>>>/anarcho/ – Anarchism

>>>/imgbc/ – Imageboard Culture

>>>/lv/ – Free as in freedom video games

>>>/freedu/ – Free educational resources

>>>/science/ – Scientific discourse

>>>/loner/ – Loneliness


File: 1433879076191.jpg (59.66 KB, 640x360, 16:9, 1428408024519.jpg)

Here's the ones that /kind/ is friends with:

>>>/late/ , >>>/am/ , >>>/c/ , >>>/britannia/ , >>>/improve/ , >>>/doc/ , >>>/otomad/ , >>>/monster/ and >>>/sad/

I like Britannia the best of these because the owner is really lovely :>


File: 1433892271129.jpg (70.03 KB, 337x418, 337:418, a3a84fb457e940a83daa08810f….jpg)


==WHERE DID /desu/ GO DESU KA~?!


File: 1433892818040.jpg (140.01 KB, 1200x900, 4:3, 4r5t6y7u8i9o.jpg)


File: 1433898442069.jpg (2.37 MB, 2508x3541, 2508:3541, 963cadeec9e437b13612e784e6….jpg)


BO fixed it, thanks BO Desu~


File: 1434004672167.png (840.39 KB, 700x1002, 350:501, c2eafb5baf931b54f44b4ebb21….png)


I don't want to shill, I want to build some partnerships.



File: 1434215312911.gif (2.84 MB, 250x255, 50:51, 1425947696727.gif)





I'm considering browsing a few of the other boards posted here like >>>/c/ and >>>/monster/ though, they look nice


So I guess the BO stopped paying attention…



Have my sides anon I laughed for a good minute.


Thank you, this is relevant to my interests.

You may enjoy >>>/comp/, It's a board I made in response to the growing dilution of quality threads on /tech/.


File: 1434240276011.jpg (274.34 KB, 850x531, 850:531, 1423876019615.jpg)



I like this board ;3


File: 1434294812402.gif (101.9 KB, 758x696, 379:348, 1387262902754.gif)


It looks really cool!



Thank you :3



MRA discussion

Tor friendly, uses the trial feature to post pictures as well

again, sorry :^) should have been a better anon and checked catalog first


File: 1434573122834.png (605.22 KB, 700x995, 140:199, d66facd40e4766b49ebfffdfc2….png)

Heh, /dir/ catagorizes us as "Not shitpost-friendly" >>>/dir/68



Well, I don't see a lot of shitposting here.


File: 1434580019441.png (418.77 KB, 1000x1000, 1:1, 1434000694673.png)


Yes, but is that what defines us?

And "Not shitpost-friendly" makes it sound like we don't tolerate shitposting.



Based on the categories in that post, I'd say we're where we belong. Shitposting is rarely well intentioned. Having fun is fine, but not at the expense of others. Not here.

What I find interesting is we're grouped with a bunch of lounge boards. Does that fit? They sound pretty easy going.


File: 1434583689799.png (1002.1 KB, 707x1000, 707:1000, e5bf8c8f6142f3db1e431b87f8….png)


I just think it's funny that /kind/ is categorized as "not friendly" in any context.

>Does that fit?

/kind/ is versatile by virtue of it being a relatively slow general discussion board so yes it can serve the purpose of being a lounge, but I wouldn't say that's it's main function.


File: 1434675236018.webm (7.81 MB, 480x360, 4:3, Myon.webm)


File: 1434817506643.jpg (544.74 KB, 590x926, 295:463, 1433054313174.jpg)


Just wanted to promote this gem of a board >>>/unkind/


File: 1434819348838.png (192.14 KB, 370x370, 1:1, 1423815575431.png)


I'm kindposting on your board and there's nothing you can do about it.


File: 1434823577081.png (5.51 KB, 410x209, 410:209, worth it.png)

I did it for you, /kind/.



File: 1434965741820.png (369.87 KB, 546x588, 13:14, 1e96c9ca93ff4afec784d884b0….png)



ain't that said?


File: 1435004916501.gif (2.95 MB, 555x312, 185:104, 1430099754967.gif)


For GNU/Linux and FOSS operating system discussion, if you're into that sort of thing.


File: 1435007099166.png (2.48 MB, 2079x2953, 2079:2953, d7842452345fff970e8e155cc0….png)

I like >>>/vir/



Looks pretty dead to me. We already have /tech/, which is pretty good despite getting worse every day.

eeeeeeeee OS: Parabola GNU/Linux-libre

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.0.5-gnu-1

eeeeee//////////eeeee Uptime: 5d 8h 58m

eeeee///////////////eeeee Packages: 900

eeeee/// ////eeee Shell: bash 4.3.39

eeee// ///eeeee Resolution: 2646x1024

eee ///eeeee WM: herbstluftwm

ee //eeeeee GTK Theme: Not Found [GTK2], Not Found [GTK3]

e /eeeeeee Icon Theme: Not Found

eeeeeee Font: Not Found

eeeeee CPU: Intel Core i7-4700MQ CPU @ 3.4GHz

eeeeee RAM: 1829MB / 5889MB



















>despite getting worse every day

What do you mean?



If you search for "windows" on the front page on /tech/ right now, you'll get 13 matches. What happened to "Do not talk to windows users"?

Did you see /tech/ before christmas? It was glorious.


File: 1435013846543.jpg (162.21 KB, 768x1024, 3:4, 1434048676870.jpg)


>less bullying on /tech/

Is /kind/'s influence spreading?


File: 1435014691902.pdf (333.17 KB, Finalversion_Consumerchoic….pdf)


I don't think you understand. Microsoft is the bullies, windows users are bully enablers. There is nothing kinder than sharing the software, so join us now and share the software, you'll be free hacker, you'll be free.


File: 1435129297226.jpg (348.59 KB, 1219x1750, 1219:1750, 627fbdab840c171e67a03298f0….jpg)



shilling for >>>/art/ and >>>/loomis/ because the art boards desperately needs users, if you want to learn how to draw or have any questions you are welcome to ask, I usually try to respond to questions that I know I can answer.

also >>>/scenic/ It's a board for images of cute animu girls in scenic landscapes, I think you guys might like that sort of thing. It seems like no one knows about it and I only found it by hitting the random boards link on the top bar so I'm going to shill for it here.


File: 1435473970623.gif (313.85 KB, 250x400, 5:8, 1384154262176.gif)



Ah butts that is beautiful.


File: 1435474342196.png (11.78 KB, 505x500, 101:100, 1435412982071-0.png)


>/art/ and /loomis/

I want to learn how to art so I can make some OC for /kind/.

I'll be sure to check those boards out.


That's a nice board with a lot of quality content, I recently found /scenic/ and dumped some of the pics I found itt >>8779


File: 1435497685737.gif (844.2 KB, 800x450, 16:9, 1427603471085-0.gif)

>>>/owg/ - Ownership General

>>>/freedu/ - Free Education


File: 1436296341837.jpg (66.16 KB, 403x275, 403:275, sheep.jpg)



File: 1436404627089.jpg (305.21 KB, 1000x893, 1000:893, 8300362.jpg)

If anyone wants to play an rpg or be a cute/wacky meido

please check out >>>/maid/ and join in.

we need players.


File: 1437068618554.jpg (80.86 KB, 340x617, 340:617, 1436511879058.jpg)



About that quote.

Isn't being an autist on a south vietnamese cartoon forum just as much of a subculture as anything else?

In my eyes it is.


File: 1437100421305.png (239.41 KB, 814x720, 407:360, 1426557046094.png)

hi theirs this rlly nice place and its called /kind/ and u shud all visit theyre


File: 1437100599792.gif (1.94 MB, 500x281, 500:281, 1436055675489.gif)


Oh! It sounds nice, I should check it ou- Wait a minute!


File: 1437100959434.jpg (461.36 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1435677100080.jpg)


/kind/ was a mistake.



File: 1437132198933.jpg (20.66 KB, 495x355, 99:71, 1420558732768.jpg)



breddy gud


File: 1437134670212.png (174.89 KB, 400x800, 1:2, 1436070746686.png)


File: 1437161217451.jpg (201.41 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1433871073584.jpg)

I made a board for discussing horror and spooky things, because /x/ is too schizophrenic and /fringe/ is better for discussing the paranormal anyway.


Do you want to be friends, /kind/?


File: 1437161740885.jpg (206.93 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1434585065888-0.jpg)


Sounds interesting, might check it out. Be sure to make a thread on /boards/, it may not be global anymore, but every little bit of exposure helps.



File: 1437207474399.jpg (40.09 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, kyouma-dark-mystery.jpg)


The timestream is being manipulated. Cern , or someone is fucking with the past.

I feel even more powerless now.


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

BO from >>>/vmu/ here. Come here if you want to play some sweet vidya jams.



Still waiting. You know, some of those boards you have up top are totally dead.


File: 1438023600782-0.png (289.89 KB, 800x484, 200:121, tripfags.png)

File: 1438023600842-1.png (289.89 KB, 800x484, 200:121, tripfags.png)

Post last edited at


File: 1438024780091.jpg (88.49 KB, 477x693, 53:77, 1433458900658.jpg)


/tripfriends/ was a better name. The filter knows best.



Be advised: That board is a bullying zone.


File: 1438314271624.jpg (107.7 KB, 400x549, 400:549, e26235d12f2eb938c76e20d3d5….jpg)

Hey /kind/, /mai/ here, we decided to make some boards for ourselves for non waifu shit

Kind of like a mini-chan of sorts, within 8chan

You are welcome to join us





These aren't mean to be as big as or compete with their big alternatives, its only meant to be a series of boards that keep some of the spirit that is seen on /kind/ and /mai/ as well, generally being polite and kind

sorry should have thought to come to the shilling general first


File: 1438389734926.jpg (132.68 KB, 1000x1031, 1000:1031, rkuc6Ve.jpg)

Oh hey, /kind/ has a board shilling thread. Awesome.

I made /lp/ (Let's Play) as a board for any kind of entertainment created using someone's gameplay. So, this includes commentary, shoutcasting, criticism, or even stuff like screenshot letsplays. Home-made LPs are very much welcome, and there is plenty of advice for new LPers. It's friendly to anime posters, and honestly seems to have a very /kind/ atmosphere. Since it was created, there has been only one report, and that was a friend of mine messing around by posting a random porn thread.

>>>/lp/ - Try it out! You might find something you like.


File: 1438390709816.png (257.94 KB, 1354x1322, 677:661, 1437878456920.png)

>>>/evol/ is really fun and interesting. You start with a basic ecosystem and edit the species through their course of evolution, working off of each other's edits and trying to make the species successful. It's perfect for anyone who loves thinking about evolution or ecology, or just likes creative, cooperative games. 10/10 board.


File: 1439147709508.png (52.73 KB, 2000x1450, 40:29, 8chan no text.png)

Hey, shitposters! niceposters Do you want to avoid other's rudeness friendgotry, and generate some lulz from your own niceness friendgotry ? Check out the new #1 board, >>>/1/

Fuck screw /b/, they had IDs and still have restrictive mods. Come to >>>/1/ for all of your shitposting niceposting needs!


Shilling for >>>/comp/ again.

Also want to point out >>>/nsahq/, for any agents that may be reading this.

Boards that need attention:

>>>/eh/ Boring discussion

>>>/lovecraft/ Self-explanatory

>>>/noot/ Nootropics


File: 1439173027026.png (48.87 KB, 902x720, 451:360, Header 2.png)

You guys are polite and rational, just the kind of people we want on >>>/32/.

>But what is /32/?

I'm glad you asked. /32/, a.k.a. Psychopolitics, is a board dedicated to political discussions relating not to the validity of ideas but how they are applied. Think of it as the art of persuasion and manipulation, both on the individual and the collective scale, for both political and commercial ends.

>How is it different from /pol/?

The discussion of the merit of political ideas is discouraged. The focus is more on political science than politics itself, with a large overlap with psychology, anthropology and sociology.

>What makes the board unique?

*Custom CSS.

*No need for images on the OP.

*Long posts are welcome.

*Correct use of language is encouraged.

*Memes kept to a minimum.

*Official board constitution, constantly being updated in order to make it as clear and specific as possible.

*Active BO enforcing the rules and in constant dialogue with the posters.

*Quality posting.


Don't see one for /vvv/ so here it is.

Come to


A lighter moderation alternative to /v/

Caution: kind of dead

Also shoutout to the f/am/


File: 1439181592440.png (1.29 MB, 800x1116, 200:279, 6b92499e441c3359772b9f2a55….png)


Heh, I remember being bullied when I shilled on >>>/vvv/4951



Well I'll be sure to beat those guys up if I ever come across them.

Also I recommend getting a better anti-bully field.



I remember seeing some drama with that board and /v/, but then /v/ never likes other video game boards.



Is /v/ a bully board?



It can be. They're quick to call your opinion on any subject trash.



yes. they are the biggest bullies ever.

>>>/vvv/ is your friend.


File: 1439206365452.jpg (32.39 KB, 599x337, 599:337, B4ahIyqCUAAmhB4.jpg)



Why is everyone afraid of bullies? Just bully them back.

Also all boards are bully boards


File: 1439208193523.jpg (47.56 KB, 153x317, 153:317, 1435750026711.jpg)


>afraid of bullies

I'm not.

>bully them back



BO of /dir/ here. Added the non-dead boards in this thread to the directory. Glad you all like what I do!



Please visit the >>>/laboratory/ , i'd very much appreciate it.


File: 1439579464909.gif (157.07 KB, 145x145, 1:1, electricfoaming.gif)

Shilling new board



File: 1439581720708.gif (395.43 KB, 256x468, 64:117, 1432879104581.gif)


You should turn that into a guro board. 8chan needs one.


File: 1439595398480.jpg (Spoiler Image, 306.49 KB, 800x800, 1:1, 1346562714232.jpg)


How soon til this one is dead like /unkind/ and /bully/ ?


File: 1439595852763.png (412.29 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 1439586485217.png)


I have no idea why people don't just claim boards. /bully/ is my favorite btw


File: 1439597207022.jpg (70.4 KB, 626x644, 313:322, 1434154341340-1.jpg)


>checking if board is up for grabs and claiming it

How do?


File: 1439597846590.jpg (155.95 KB, 581x529, 581:529, 1437061565546-2.jpg)


File: 1439617990649.png (423.19 KB, 675x675, 1:1, 1431168332789.png)


Guro always makes me really sad. Why do people like bullying cute anime girls?


File: 1439619626614.png (541.14 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 6900987090767d2f3a1473313f….png)


I know how you feel, friend.


File: 1439636735898.png (305.64 KB, 977x1400, 977:1400, 1429688612954.png)


File: 1439639887001.jpg (47.55 KB, 640x480, 4:3, 1356885902691.jpg)

Post on /tripfriends/! Please and thank you.


File: 1439643768779.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, 1:1, 1436452574001.gif)


>filtered again


File: 1439644101194.png (100.5 KB, 246x269, 246:269, 1378107178092.png)


Damn it I'm so stupid.



Don't worry. I'm sure everyone knows what you meant.


File: 1439645096054.jpg (97.19 KB, 800x600, 4:3, 6360c930e3c534924c88047e36….jpg)


How good is your memory?

lets play a game :3



Just realized how creepy that sounds ;_;


File: 1439651722584.gif (522.78 KB, 450x253, 450:253, slapblobs.gif)



I don't like guro. However I do like comical or cute violence.


File: 1439651816571.gif (815.93 KB, 488x275, 488:275, confuse.gif)


What is the point of tripf_gs? I don't get it.


File: 1439653821669.jpg (299.37 KB, 512x820, 128:205, 1438896643938.jpg)



You're adorable.



is that what she's actually saying? sauce on this?


File: 1439660634749.jpg (90.97 KB, 614x673, 614:673, 1397127829161.jpg)


Created how? They had a board here before the exodus and I would post there sometimes. I never really understood it but I remember that people from /foolz/ would bully them. But suddenly they disappeared and copypaste deleted the board and sometimes I miss it.


File: 1439661755660.jpg (154.57 KB, 533x694, 533:694, 670924d47d8d60422ba0b19cfa….jpg)


I'm fine with some blood, but anymore is too much.


Where there is one culture there must be another to oppose it and to attention whore/circlejerk.


Th-thank you ;_;

So do you wanna play?


Here and yes I believe so



You were a tripfriend? How unfortunate.



>You were a tripfriend?

No. It wasn't a tripfriend board, just Siztra's personal one. It had flags and mine was pretty unique, though.



>So do you wanna play?

Maybe? Not if it's Russian roulette.


File: 1439680836402.gif (1.69 MB, 640x360, 16:9, kek.gif)


I now own /unkind/.

I don't know what I'm going to do with it. ;_;


File: 1439686151835.jpg (62.68 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 4ac55d5c2f090e74493c115763….jpg)


You should merge those two stickies. For the sake of efficiency and having two stickies up is gross.


File: 1439698434388.jpeg (54.56 KB, 622x480, 311:240, Two-face-dc-comics.jpeg)

Hi friends. I'm a /kind/ poster and /unkind/ is now under my control.

Tired of being nice. Want to let off some steam. Come over to >>>/unkind/ and call me a friendgot. Lewds, cancerous political topics and shitposting are all welcome.



/kind/ness dominates all.


File: 1439755105737.jpg (267.64 KB, 505x375, 101:75, most-difficult-language-in….jpg)


For language learning and serious discussion.


French board.


Drawing, painting and design. Helpful and nice to look at.


File: 1439755575165.jpg (Spoiler Image, 584.34 KB, 740x740, 1:1, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7….jpg)


>French board


File: 1439963525270.png (1.45 MB, 1120x1078, 80:77, 1436799407663.png)

make /kind/ and /cute/ friends right now please!!!



Whatever you do, don't mistake /fr/ with /fre/.


File: 1440004821242.gif (363.12 KB, 480x270, 16:9, 1423962290710.gif)


/fre/ looks cool



Yes so all the cute thing anime posters can go to /cute/


Go through the thread

Go through /boards/

Find boards you like and bump them, post on/make threads because /kind/


File: 1440715336360.jpg (36.25 KB, 500x375, 4:3, 1440704268613.jpg)

This seems kind of cool for us



File: 1441142607205.jpg (200.77 KB, 906x882, 151:147, 64646467746467467.jpg)

I usually looking around /miku/ /teto/ and /utau/ for my daily dose of cute vocaloid/utauloid stuff. So many best grill virtual singers there.


Hello friends, you've all been great to me in the past so I'm hoping you'll be able to help me out.

I want to tidy up the advice boards, I used them a lot on halfchan and i'd like to see them alive and well here. I've taken ownership of the /adv/, and /advice/ boards, I'm going to create a sticky on /advice/ to redirect people to /adv/ to effectively merge the two. I'll also link this board on both of them if that's okay, since if they feel down and want more people to talk to then this board should be great for them.

I'm going to create a suggestion thread for users to mention how they would like the board improved. I won't be able to begin changes until tonight, although I'll provide an email that they'll be able to contact me with should I be away from the computer.

What I'd love from you friends is to come swing by and offer advice to those that need it. Or even if you feel you need advice of your own, please don't hesitate to make a thread.

Even better, if you have any suggestions or recommendations feel free to contact thetopbuddy@gmail.com, it'd be a really big help and I'd appreciate it.

Otherwise, make sure to check out


If you have the time!


>>>/jpm/ Japanese Music

come discuss and share Japanese music


I think the board is up for grabs but >>>/ak/ is really great as there are a lot of quality animu gun girls.


File: 1443554384664.png (359.69 KB, 704x400, 44:25, 12334566788876333.png)


>Pretty sure /ak/ worked better as a thread.

This post says it all.




I tried to steal one of their GETs once.That a good board.


File: 1443555030065.gif (4.94 MB, 853x480, 853:480, 1443472316269-0.gif)




Please lewd with me, oh checked one



Is that a boy?


File: 1443563957455.jpeg (714.99 KB, 683x935, 683:935, image.jpeg)

To endorse it would be a little edgy but /suicide/'s got your back when the bullies have won or ya just can't /kind/ no more. It's its own sort of kindness and you'll probably find people who empathize with your problems before it's time. I've yet to see evidence of pactfriends though.


File: 1443565031535.gif (10.45 KB, 365x175, 73:35, 1441044267396.gif)


I probably fit the definition of bully, but no one who visits /kind/ should feel that they should have to visit /suicide/ to find people who would empathize with them.

Chose to live friendgots.


File: 1443570330220.jpg (74.16 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 124564211123455776.jpg)


No, I'm pretty sure it's a girl.


That image might make a decent banner. It's too bad that you can't add new ones now.


I made these:

>>>/esperanto/ - For chatting in Esperanto

>>>/poverty/ - For sharing ways to survive when you're broke


File: 1443640401567.jpg (88.9 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1442771200327-1.jpg)


I really like the idea of the /bm/ board!



File: 1444323936514.jpg (69.2 KB, 626x700, 313:350, 1444323624757.jpg)



thanks for moving my shill attempt at the right thread fam.


File: 1444492049210.jpg (54.41 KB, 450x338, 225:169, me.jpg)


I'm the new owner of /cute/ since the last owner went missing. I had to write a rules sticky and I really like /kind/'s, so our new one is quite similar.

Don't plan on changing anything really.


File: 1444506351102.jpg (174.81 KB, 588x1000, 147:250, 1444483327951.jpg)


Cool! Let's hope you won't disappear like the previous owners.


File: 1444508487248.png (22.07 KB, 378x176, 189:88, vint.png)

/vint/ - Vintage & Nostalgia

A board for everything old and nostalgia inducing

Whether it be technology, rare/old/hard to find TV shows and movies, clothes, books, porn

and just about anything else that falls into this board's category.

From what I can tell, my board is one of a kind on fullchan at least.

Please help my board grow if it's a topic that interests you

Thank you /kind/ly


File: 1444509816946.png (478.81 KB, 1024x768, 4:3, Shoe-Brush.png)


Don't forget to provide a link! >>>/vint/




>>>/politics/ - A much more friendly version of /pol/


File: 1444726749258.jpeg (53.27 KB, 436x315, 436:315, image.jpeg)


Rare TV shows you say?!



We a very /kind/ board and we would like to be friends, friends. Please come visit us!


File: 1445027786156.png (637.12 KB, 900x1145, 180:229, 1419657153922.png)

Just created this board.




It will be a board more in keeping with the spirit of the show, My Little Pony; fim. A little less edge and a lot more love and fun. So if you love the show like I do, please have a visit!

surprisingly the URL wasn't taken by a troll



bump limit?



File: 1448059366945.webm (1.83 MB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1448029758093-0.webm)

Someone posted this:




Sigh I should have read the rules better…



Brunette's voice is so cute.


File: 1448195350126.jpg (177.28 KB, 894x1031, 894:1031, Board.jpg)


File: 1448195389615.jpg (879.22 KB, 3507x2480, 3507:2480, Board2.jpg)



There is no way that is what they are really saying… I need source on that.


File: 1448530282222.webm (4.61 MB, 960x540, 16:9, 1448046203189.webm)


What happened to this board? I really liked it!


File: 1451688238565.jpg (31.02 KB, 615x409, 615:409, readImage.jpg)





There should be a lewdbullyingboard




Go on /erp/ and ask to be bullied


File: 1451998668591.gif (1.53 MB, 500x281, 500:281, original2.gif)

I've created another /kind/ bunker:


Custom CSS as soon as I'm done with >>>/unkind/.

A little help is welcome; I'll give away Board Volunteer accounts and op status at #unkind.


File: 1451999924181.jpg (223.87 KB, 1280x720, 16:9, 1444588381423-4.jpg)


Please no. We already have a bunker (two if you count .pl), and our small userbase doesn't need to be divided between this board, next, and multiple other bunkers.

I appreciate the intent, but please stop.


File: 1452000498067.jpg (22.78 KB, 558x336, 93:56, i6wfno.jpg)


Now we just need an over/kind/! :^)


File: 1452000776793.jpg (100.08 KB, 357x488, 357:488, 1444189870252-3.jpg)


File: 1456184808324.png (271.16 KB, 503x865, 503:865, 1442990462588-4.png)

Changes have been made. Bump.


File: 1456326533249.png (309.42 KB, 802x517, 802:517, 58658578578587578578.png)


File: 1457750680160.gif (100.62 KB, 500x300, 5:3, giphy.gif)

I came here to beg not for money but help with my site www.patreon.com/kcmcgill and im not asking for donations just some help with it to make it better, and if theirs any kind hearted webmasters that will give a backlink that would be great maybe point me to some hacker who can push my link into pages because im kinda desperate, I know this is a lot to ask but my goal has changed from donations to getting just views as it would be awesome to leave this world with alittle proof that I existed in it, its corny I know but it would mean the world to me if I could get help with page views .


Is this the right thread for my case? 'Cause i need some donation to keep the college debt away…


File: 1457816200283.webm (3.94 MB, 300x300, 1:1, supercell - Feel so Good.webm)

if you like, want to talk about, or share japanese music, check out >>>/jpm/


YouTube embed. Click thumbnail to play.

Is it okay if I shill a charity fundraiser here?

So the Amazing Guy-Who-Put-A-Banana-In-His-Butt-That-One-Time started a fundraiser in response to a prominent pseudofeminist e-begger to show that we can donate money to help third-world women who need it, instead of first-world ideologues.

It's raising money for the International Women's Health Coalition, and it's currently at almost $80,000! It's even raised more money than the pseudofeminist crowdfunding campaign it's responding to! So if you want to help women in third-world countries, or just want to see first-world feminists humiliated further, it's definitely worth donating to.



File: 1458847985016.jpg (335.35 KB, 996x732, 83:61, 1456593126425.jpg)

hello everyone!

I'm not sure if this is the place to ask (please tell me if it isn't) but I play a lot of the game League of Legends. Say what you want about it, but it helps a lot with my depression and takes stuff off of my mind. For those of you that do play it the new champion Aurelion Sol came out today and unfortunately I don't have enough to buy him. It's my birthday this week (like anyone will believe me) but we really can't afford to spend too much on games and stuff.

I'd like to request that someone gifted me the champion or gave me enough RP to buy him. It might not sound like much, or it might sound like too much, but it'd honestly mean the world to me. If that's too much, I would also be very grateful if someone could gift me even one hextech key. I've played about 20 games today and haven't found a key fragment once. Maybe I'm just unlucky, but I would really appreciate any help I could get. Thank you.

My account name is SludgeWorm on EUW. Even if you just added me to play with that would be fun, I don't have any friends that play the game so it'd be nice to play with others for once.

Anyway good luck on the rift, sorry if this post was long. Have a good day :)



Back when I used to play League and wanted to play some champion I didn't have, I'd just farm IP for 10 hours straight for a week just to buy that champion. I was so excited to buy him, only to play 2 games and drop it. If PBE servers are still a thing nowadays, I recommend to play Sol on PBE first and see if you like him



I don't have a pbe account. Plus there's huge lag from EU on the NA servers so it wouldn't be very representable. However, I've played a lot of mid lane mages such as velkoz, azir and syndra so I think I'd enjoy him a lot. Even if I didn't at first, I'd be grateful enough to continue playing him!


File: 1459260583960.png (192.04 KB, 620x1109, 620:1109, WM32 invite.png)

WM32 is this Sunday. We invite you to join us at /wooo/ to watch it together with the rest of 8chan. Hope you can make it.


Asking for help.

So I use this zenmate vpn, I got 3 months premium for free by sharing them on facebook.

I don't have money or a bank account to buy it.

Will anyone here be kind enough to go to


and share the post (they'll tell you the instructions) and give me the serial key so I can use it for another 3 months.. please.

DOing the whole thing takes less than 2 minutes.



I'll keep playing with it, but it looks like the site's being hung up on something. It won't let me proceed past this first page you linked.




Got it, it wasn't playing nice with my web browser.

It looks like the serial you need will be: 3MFC-WXD9-F7J7-Y17H-ZAVP




HOLY SHIT DUDE, Thank you so much, that worked. :) You're awesome.



not a problem, that's what friends are for. Shine on, you crazy diamond.


File: 1459448496212.png (30.18 KB, 250x250, 1:1, isaac-beggar.png)

Hello /kind/, Can someone gift me Grand Theft Auto V please? I would really like to play it multiplayer with a friend of mine.

I can pay back the anon in items over time… or maybe some other games.

email: cioroirazvan@gmail.com



Is cracked version okay?


File: 1460502855582.jpg (6.14 KB, 147x186, 49:62, division.jpg)

will someone gift me 20 dollars on pay pal for the division i really want it but i only have 30 so far so if any nice anon wouldnt mind heres my name thomas boss and email whitepplsmoke2@gmail.com thanks


File: 1461568549691.jpg (19.63 KB, 750x693, 250:231, Nudes_11a70f_5800842.jpg)

Hi. Im looking for some help helpwith my gofundme from anons. If your nice and have a little extra cash im the shill of your dreams. All the info is here: gofundme.com/24yhsbbw


Hi /kind/ if there is anyone who can gift me gtav on steam? Ive been really looking forward to playing it since forever. Since its also a game i really waited on, i dont touch the cracks coz it feels wrong. :(

My email is senikki.king@gmail.com if you're interested. :)



Its 2016 i know..but i couldnt save up coz school


I think this is a lot to ask for, but I've been wanting this game for a while: http://store.steampowered.com/app/313810

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could gift me this, I don't know how I'd repay you: http://steamcommunity.com/id/defluxit_


File: 1462162184506.jpg (182.6 KB, 1619x912, 1619:912, 1462160753339.jpg)

Hey friends. So long story short, I was in an accident recently and have been laid up for some time and will continue to be until I begin physical therapy. With this came medical bills and a hefty deductible for vehicle repair. Fortunately I had enough savings, as well as help selling some stuff, to cover the costs and get by with a budget decent enough for rent and food until I can return to work. However, amidst all of this, Dark Souls 3 came out. Due to my current circumstances, I can't quite afford it by traditional means, so I've been amassing what I can so that I may hopefully make a trade with someone. I've tried everywhere for about 2 weeks now and have no idea where else to post. If any friends are interested in helping me out with this, here's a list of everything I intend to give in exchange:

>Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Steam Key

>Blackguards: Deluxe Edition Steam Key

>Soulbinder Steam Key

>The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Download Code (The store I had my PS4 sold to would not accept it, and I haven't used it as I barely had my console for a week)

>Whatever you want from my Steam inventory, to include a few Warframe skins (Rubedo and Phased)

>75 various Warframe prime parts and blueprints that can be sold or traded for platinum

I know it's a bit of a hodgepodge and not a lot of it is all too appealing, but it's the best I could do in terms of equal value. I know this is a comfort thing and not exactly as important as others needing help, but I don't have much else to do short of online assignments and trying to trade. Thank you for reading, and if interested, this is my Steam ID, if you'd like to get in touch:



Ever feel like talking about or getting back into pro wrestling? Feel free to check out >>>/wooo/



so I'm here again, thanks to >>29214 this awesome person, I as able to use the vpn for another 3 months. but now those 3 months have expired.

Would anyone be kind enough to do it for me again?

I'm really desperate and I don't have any money, I'd really appreciate it if anyone helped me.




You'd think I would have remembered that I had to switch browsers this time. I didn't.


File: 1466904471770.jpg (612.22 KB, 700x599, 700:599, cosmic_baton_girl_comet_sa….jpg)


I appreciate this. Thanks for sharing.


File: 1466905221139.gif (17.94 KB, 300x100, 3:1, kind.gif)


I think I agree with this quote. It's probably good to want to belong and make some friends, though. Most of the time boards and subcultures focus on one thing and never stray far from it and that can suck… because I might make a friend or enjoy a discussion on a board and want to talk about something unrelated to the topic that the board is around, but I can't.

I think I like this board though… because even though people tend to post anime pictures, the focus of the board is just being kind to everyone and we can talk about many things. I think this is probably a good and open environment, for the most part :)


File: 1466918839370.png (803.18 KB, 800x1072, 50:67, 136c0b92-2ede-4ee9-cec6-16….png)

This looks like the best place to post this so

I have a youtube channel that's mildly popular, /kind/. I get about 100-200 views on each of my videos with 6 or 7 likes which is enough to make me feel comfy.

But a friend of mine has one and uploads videos that are much better than mine and only get 20 views on each, and I'm usually the only person to like them.

Why not be /kind/ and give them a watch?


I can post my channel if anyone's interested, but I really don't need views


File: 1468162806032.jpg (50.64 KB, 403x397, 403:397, D12_Cries.jpg)

>>>/quests/ (formerly >>>/qu/ )

If anyone here was ever into Questing on 4chan's /tg/ you may remember it as being full of drama, rage and infighting. Our place is still developing but it's very different, and as a mod I'm doing my best to run it in a spirit of /kind/ness and create a no-bullying zone for authors. I'd really appreciate any kind of interest in the board, we're rebuilding it after it fell apart and we need more people and content to make it shine.

Thanks, and be sure to visit our all around best-buds board >>>/cyoa/ They need much love, and besides the Owner is an awesome /kind/anon. Back at /qu/ he was the only BO to show genuine interest in our little corner and he came forward himself to offer us a partnership. They're struggling with activity too, and I wish all the best for them.


Bump, may use this thread later so I need to see it


File: 1468813175450.png (21.3 KB, 777x530, 777:530, bani_three_by_fireragethek….png)


>>>/rec/ has been useful



I'm so there.


File: 1469360419344.gif (951.04 KB, 500x281, 500:281, 6d5.gif)

Hello friends

I believe this is the right thread for this. I've been lurking here for a couple of weeks now but haven't posted cause I'm extremely shy and am enjoying my time here. You are all genuinely nice. However this will be my first and quite possibly the most important post to me at least I'll ever make on here.

October 17th of last year I fell in love with the most sweetest and cutest girl I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. She is everything I could ever ask for in a girlfriend and more. She is without a doubt the love of my life, but she lives in another state pretty much straight across the country from where I live.

I promised her that I would visit her over the summer, while she's out of school, when I got the money to do so, however; things haven't been going as planned at all and I have not been able to raise any money to go and see her. I'm running out of time and I fear that I may never see her at this rate.

I'm not financially fortunate at all but I was hoping that I could get a job to pay for this. But do to circumstances and my family not being supportive and straight up jerks I have not been able to do so.

I'm not sure what to do anymore except to turn to y'all for advice and maybe some financial help if y'all are willing to do so

I've been very hesitant about making this post in fear of sounding selfish asking for help like this. But I'm not gonna just give up on this. I want to hold her in my arms close to me and I can't do that without y'alls help. I'm not sure if this will get much attention but I have to at least try for her sake

I have two other irl friends helping me but I need to get my own money to pay for this trip. A plane ticket is too expensive but if I had enough money then we could drive there and I could stay at a hotel for a week with her.

Thank you for taking your time to read this and thank you in advance for y'alls help.

Also I like to browse







Well, I suppose I should start by welcoming to /kind/, friend!

I'm sure she understands. A similar thing happened to me recently, actually. A girl I've been seeing was supposed to come into town a handful of weekends ago, while she was out of school and before summer session started. Of course, not a week before she was supposed to get here, something in the family came up and she ended up having to spend her travel money on that.

It does suck, and yeah, I'm a little disappointed. But not in her, I'm just disappointed that I didn't get to spend a fun weekend with her.

Unfortunately, I'm not in the financial position to be able to help, but: I don't know the labor laws in your state, but I know where I'm from per-diem temp jobs are a dime a dozen. One thought is that you could spend one or two weeks working some nights and weekends through a temp agency, just to get the one extra paycheck. That would probably be enough to cover airfare and a hotel.

Where did you meet her?



have rubedo rhino and or twin vipers? i'd gladly take you up on that.

If you don't have either, i'd like to put forth a request to anyone for at least 20$ steam wallet for the upcoming graxx excalibur skin.




I met her on twitter

And it's okay if you can't help financially, I still appreciate the advice. I might sell some of my valuable belongings. Like I said; I don't need enough for a plane ticket, just enough for a road trip. Which would be about $200 at least. Although $300 would be the most ideal. I have two other friends helping me with this but I need to pull my own weight with this

I suppose I could sell my Gamecube stuff for $150 or something. I'd also like to sell all of my Yu-Gi-Oh cads but I don't have an ideal way of doing that at all unless someone is willing to pay $165 for all of them at once. But most of the cards I have people already own so that's a problem




whoops, I didn't quite get what I was reading until now, I'm quite groggy from staying up late.

I can't really help you out with any of that, so please disregard my requests.

hope you find someone who can help friend.



Still hope that someone can give me the minimum amount of steam wallet for one warframe workshop skin. I don't really have anything to give at the moment.


or at the very least, can someone tell me a good way to get steamwallet for free?



I use appnana. It's one of those bullshit "earn credits by installing apps" things, but it's not too painful to just install and delete a bunch of apps over the course of a day.



I should also mention I use bluestacks' android emu to do so, so I don't shit up my actual phone with bloatware.



how does it work?



Bluestacks? of Appnana? Both well.

Appnana is essentially a storefront that app developers pay to be put on. Once you install and open one of these apps, appnana awards you points. Enough points, and you can exchange it for gift cards, paypal credits, or whatever.

Bluestacks just emulates an Android handset on your computer. In an official capacity, it was made for app developers so it was easier to test builds, but it's been bolstered to be a full-size "gaming platform" and they're trying to make some of that sweet, sweet streamer money. Either way, it's a disposable android tablet you can use to farm points.


the windshield wipers on my car have stopped working today, i dont know whats wrong with them

i dont have the money to fix it and it has started raining heavily in my area

everytime i drive home from work i almost die



The motors stopped running? Or do they just not wipe very well? For the latter you can fix them yourself for $30, for the former… Idk what to tell you.


File: b3b2893362131a7⋯.jpg (44.82 KB, 901x694, 901:694, connectthedotsgoyim.jpg)

Oh goyim, it's been so hard living off cheques from Uncle Spielberg and the German government to pay for my thrice-gassed grandfather. Couldn't you spare some shekels for a down on his luck anon and his software startup?



Have you tried delivering groceries? There are a lot of shut-ins who pay top dollar to stay out of grocery stores. You just have to find them. I seem to remember a website for this purpose, but can't remember the name…



I thought all of you hook noses were doctors and lawyers…



the motors are fucked most likely, they don't move no matter what i do with the wiper knob


File: acd2d75fc21381d⋯.jpg (154.76 KB, 1225x663, 1225:663, fucking coolest guy (27).jpg)

If Im a bully but promise not to bully anyone on here will I still be banned?

How do these rules work


File: 9f3af70c35df89a⋯.jpg (19.97 KB, 510x510, 1:1, 1470885428172.jpg)


File: 58815302b762a70⋯.mp4 (578.9 KB, 460x258, 230:129, aWO8nPx_460sv.mp4)


I'm sorry friend, I don't mean to denigrate anything, but this is the first thing I thought of and it made me laugh.


I know this is off site, but here's himasugi.org


File: 799af6b42ba1741⋯.png (114.28 KB, 418x391, 418:391, 1442370424243-4.png)


Off site stuff is the point of this thread. I prefer http://kakashi-nenpo.com/jp/ personally.


File: fd5acd62b63a7f1⋯.jpg (68.77 KB, 600x800, 3:4, 1467184511618.jpg)

I dont want your shekels or anything but if you could checkout weebcrew.moe that would be nice

We stream a load of shit and the community is pretty kind


File: e69c954977a7823⋯.jpg (858.22 KB, 800x1163, 800:1163, 9e8be8c45e6002d1b8c321e3a2….jpg)

Hello, you /kind/ people~

Since a few days I run a place dedicated to Yukari Yakumo - the Lady of Boundaries. Every topic connected with her is fine there, and discussion is vividly encouraged~

If you wanna join, you're all welcome~


the Queen of Hearts


File: a17d04117664120⋯.jpg (314.86 KB, 823x1000, 823:1000, a17d0411766412040be960d553….jpg)

Hello everyone~

If you are interested in a discord chatroom where you can talk about anime and games, please take a look at our Akiba's Bar.


It's pretty small so far but I think we are fairly active. Don't be afraid to drop by and start a conversation!

We also have a steam group:



File: 5d5ebaeb0e6c8b8⋯.jpg (71.48 KB, 540x540, 1:1, 1462508180549.jpg)

You friends should check out Tanobb (https://en.tanobb.com/). It's an international imageboard that's fairly slow, and the owner welcomes people of all stripes - I quote from him: "otaku, students, housewife, old people, hackers, isis, yakuza, kids, president,…etc".


File: becc537e74b44b9⋯.png (4.47 KB, 224x225, 224:225, 288abe74ba50281386a7339814….png)


Long time poster, first time requester. Please find below a link to a wonderful new ideology called Unionism, which combines the best bits of libertarianism and nationalism with good old fashioned manners and reason.

As Rome was not built in a day, so shall this ideology not be developed instantly. It will never be perfect, but its underlying values will remain the same: a commitment to liberty, mercy and reason.

I encourage you to develop a keen sense of the aforementioned things, so as to build, in the end, a new Union Republic of all humanity.


/kind/, you are one of the few cultured boards on this site. I know that there are some things that you might like out of this ideology


File: d481eebb9133413⋯.jpg (73.36 KB, 593x600, 593:600, 143744091444.jpg)

Hello, greetings from >>>/cute/ kind people!

Since the recent migration from >>>/c/ I thought about finding ways to attract posters, and I thought of you! Are you up for it?


File: 8ca5773f94c1c90⋯.jpg (46.79 KB, 700x465, 140:93, 0-Intro-24 hour sign neon-….jpg)


If you guys want to help others please help me by joining my discord.

Basically I'm trying to get as many people from niche places as I can on to my discord.

pls join


Can I advertise my board here? It might not be to everyone's liking but I hope you could be /kind/ about it:


From the sticky:

Individuality and freedom, in essence, are the essence of this board.

/pol/, and subsequently /leftypol/, are restrictive, the user-base is dull, the moderation team has a stick up their ass and together they form a community of close and narrow minded individuals who intellectually wise, are bordering the mentally challenged spectrum.

I do not care about changing that, however, I do think a place that offers a more friendly (see: free) environment to those who seek it should exist.

Consider this the anarchistic version of /pol/, take it and understand it however you will.

Basically, if the idea of /pol/ related discussion interests you, but you don't associate with Nazism or don't support Trump and don't want to be ridiculed for it, and instead be able to discuss your opinion in an unbaised environment, perhpas /beyondpol/ is a place for you.

Thank you.



File: f0779876be96c32⋯.jpg (57.13 KB, 428x640, 107:160, in-04-52.jpg)

Could anyone be kind enough to give me something? I lost my job two weeks ago, I dont have any money left and I'm starving

1KiX 3X4A eWLu NX1n rWyR A5UG jM8Y MkPY tJ



what are those numbers?



Buttcoin address?


Please come check out my board:


I mainly want it to be an anime-related board but if there's some other topic you'd like to discuss that's also fine with me. Unlike on /a/, funposting is allowed.


I made a Telegram group, if you want to join a live conversation with other anons it's OK, come here! https://t.me/kindgroup


File: a2e7a34f6cc823b⋯.jpg (318.14 KB, 940x1354, 470:677, WGGrH0k.jpg)


anybody around?


File: 849a23fca49bce9⋯.jpg (46.33 KB, 500x500, 1:1, 725546130f0bae1a1b029e80d1….jpg)

Hey /kind/!

There's been an unofficial /kind/ skype group for a while now, but the old advertisement got taken down, so we're putting up a new one! Feel free to join! There aren't many rules, just don't dox, post lewd related things without hiding the thumbnail and tagging, and most importantly, be kind!

If you want to join just add chenismywaifu/Maiki [the admin] and he should add you.




I'll join tomorrow! Maybe, but in this week, for Sure




I can't join friend! Are you still around?

You can message me if you want, Pphhii is my username


File: 55bae8c0c3a47a6⋯.png (43.04 KB, 300x300, 1:1, unnamed.png)

Whoa, oopsy daisy! Let's try to do this again, and let's follow the rules this time.

Hey there friends! Guess which board just got an unofficial discord server! That's right, this one!

Feel free to come on by and say hi!



File: 0680d1a6d977271⋯.gif (195.99 KB, 195x200, 39:40, 0680d1a6d97727142734ff510f….gif)


Hey there!

Please help this kind soul :)


File: a3dee781d4bbad5⋯.jpg (7.09 MB, 4134x2945, 4134:2945, 1501855378968.jpg)

Not intending to shill but here's the best place to share this.

It's a forum so please no bully

Dead and pretty /kind/. Oh, it has a comfy theme and lots of cut anime girl avatars. Also feel free to talk about l-lewd things—just do it at the right places!



Like Wizchan but without the hostility?




What a horrible place


File: 0b2f75a99d79687⋯.jpg (51.69 KB, 427x640, 427:640, 1443632835739.jpg)


A little disappointing, and not very nice or laid-back, either. I feel like lizposting peaked in 2015, to be honest.


Hello, really poor friend here, could someone buy a month pass for Xbox live and post it please?


I'm currently in charge of a /kind/ bunker.


If someone's interested, drop your lynxchan username here or email me at >aids[at]8chan[dot]co


File: 795d9069b1200a4⋯.png (727.24 KB, 969x655, 969:655, come to srz.png)


>>>/srz/ is a board about protecting free speech by way of user-enabled action throughout 8chan and the net. if you like free speech, be sure to stop by!


Fuck it, just grab it here.

mail: find it here >>36592

lynxhub user: aids

password: "colorless green ideas sleep furiously"

No quotation marks, with spaces.


Come to >>>/halo/ if you feel like it


please donate credits and Hath to rhudson765 on E-hentai.org.

I have a lot of translation bounties for series such as Kanon, Clannad, Air, ServantXservice, Yotsuba (Fuuka only)

and Betterman that need your help.



Isn't betterman on old anime that was on late night tech tv about 16 years ago?

Chuck d ducking captia


File: 9ba6ef96b1a4629⋯.png (116.03 KB, 500x299, 500:299, tumblr_o908b5qyHJ1tu022ro2….png)

Come join our server! We love new friends, though it's kind of degenerate/furry at times. Mostly degenerates, but nice ones. We have a website that redirects to invite: https://tickle.space/discord/ or just https://discordapp.com/invite/xxqRqGC


File: 4c2a8fc9b42d228⋯.png (402.07 KB, 598x1021, 598:1021, 1460617993816.png)

*shills kindly*


All the Discords itt are dead.

That aside, I'm here to shill my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeheIK7qDiEM8TtZRibZMvQ

I'm planning to make gaming videos and maybe Lets Plays, but for now I'm just doing Dark Souls videos. Feel free to check it out!

And….can anyone here spare me a copy of Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin? I live in a third world country an I have basically no way to save up money and buy it myself.

Here's my Steam Profile http://steamcommunity.com/id/Goshorai/



just because there aren't 100 messages per second doesn't mean a discord is dead



No, I meant like, the links are dead. I dunno if the actual Discords are dead because…well, I couldn't join any.


File: 3f6d8501e9441dd⋯.jpg (459.35 KB, 1200x1949, 1200:1949, movie-night-2017-kind.jpg)

File: 23854d57296d359⋯.jpg (459.12 KB, 1200x1949, 1200:1949, movie-night-2017.jpg)

File: fb9f279f3da86a7⋯.jpg (715.61 KB, 1200x1949, 1200:1949, movie-night-2017-QnA.jpg)

File: a01504c1ecabf24⋯.jpg (1.38 MB, 3508x2160, 877:540, movie-night-timetable.jpg)

You've been invited to /late/'s Halloween 2017 movie night!

Three films - plus a mystery feature - have been planned. You can find more information about the films on the invite and a complete schedule with converted times on the timetable.

As a friend of /late/ we are handing you a special invite. If you wish to spread the word and invite others, please use the general invite instead. An informational with additional information has been attached for use outside of 8chan.

The timetable is subject to change: other communities are free to join the movie night and take a spot in in the Dusk Hawk Block. If you wish to sign up yourself, please provide us with the necessary information:

- The name (if any) of your segment;

- The estimated stream duration;

- The starting and ending time.

We hope to see you during Halloween!

(I hope this is the right place to post this.)



Woah, they look really cool! But why did you highlight GMT if everyone is going to look for EST and their own timezone?



It's the center split, which makes it the negative/positive divider. Makes it easy to find the timezone you are looking for and convert the timezone you are using to other timezones.


I like the effort to bring the boards together

Maybe we could include /cute/ and /jp/

And maybe do a stream for the earlier hours too for those who can't make it to the later streams



I'd like to emphasize that the times on the timetable are based on standard time (EST, CST, MST, PST). Not daylight saving time (EDT, CDT, MDT, PDT).

This means that those in the United States and Canada will need to adjust with one hour. (Ergo: those in EDT, 'New York time', will be in UTC -4, not UTC-5.)

If you are living in an area that does not employ daylight saving time (including Europe) you don't need to adjust. The timetable was made like this because the vast majority of the planet will be on standard time. When in doubt use your Universal Time Coordinate (UTC), rather than your local time zone.






File: 181fc819816cd92⋯.jpg (20.12 KB, 467x315, 467:315, 9028512ff9153e5fc832673fe9….jpg)

https://discord.gg/TmQfrQ Friendly discord for friends!


File: ad0a5a58a50c537⋯.jpg (80.16 KB, 736x736, 1:1, ad0a5a58a50c53753ca14477d4….jpg)

write on our card >>>/hbm/

tweet your greeting @TheDrippy


File: d9a9d992b9c032c⋯.png (535.45 KB, 800x600, 4:3, pururin_9.png)

Hello, friends

I'm not quite here to "shill" in the strict sense of the word since I'm not getting anything out of it, but I didn't feel like making a new thread just for it.

So to make it short, I happen to run a little anime stream once every two days on a cytu.be channel, cozy and chill. We aren't many people, expect 4-5 tops, so I thought I'd invite some more.

As for the routine, the usual is two episodes every two days unless the series we're watching has shit pacing, in that case it might be more, and they start at around 23:00 CET or 18:00 EDT though we might start slightly later. In any case I always update the MOTD so you can just check that.

We're currently watching "Initial D", so if you're interested, you can drop by tomorrow, at the time I mentioned before, for the Extra Stage. Here's the link https://cytu.be/r/animu_club don't be shy.

In case you're not familiar with cytu.be or synchtu.be, they don't require an account to either watch nor chat, so don't worry about that.

Also although there isn't a code of conduct I enforce two rules: no niggers and no friendgots, everybody else is welcome.

See you at the party, friends.



Define nigger.


File: 1152b2c9d53aa74⋯.png (763.14 KB, 800x600, 4:3, pururin_4.png)


You know, niggers as in blacks, curry niggers as in indian pajeets, and sand niggers as in truck driving, mohammed praising, goat violating middle eastern monkeys. The usual crowd of unwelcome people, I'm not sure how more specific I could be.



are you implying that no nonwhites are allowed in your stream?

that's very unkind and racist of you


File: 4ceadb65cb0a558⋯.png (499.28 KB, 449x642, 449:642, EU1sEsB.png)


>are you implying

I'm not implying anything, I'm pretty sure I made it a clear statement

>no nonwhites are allowed

No I just said niggers and subcategories.


Sorry, I'm not sure what you expected.



just wanted to know if it was genuine /pol/-type racism or edgy /b/-type racism, and since it seems to be the former you should probably leave the board



I can respect that. At least you know not to allow friendgots too. God bless.



whats friendgots?



Its a meme


File: 649027f93664f3a⋯.png (25.32 KB, 249x566, 249:566, c49f69e2720352fc6b8af4a5bf….png)


it appears the word for fa-g is wordfiltered to friend so when you try to say fa-ggot it gets filtered to friendgot



>I'm not sure what you expected.

not him, but I would have expected… kindness? I mean, the board is called /kind/. and anyway, like half of the people here are gay or bi, so you're probably better off shilling somewhere else.



>like half of the people here are



File: 5a74674670a01bf⋯.png (472.27 KB, 957x535, 957:535, 5963073.png)


>half of the people here are gay or bi, so you're probably better off shilling somewhere else.

The most /kind/ I can get to people like you, is telling you hope in the future you finally understand that what you have is a form of mental illness and you can get help from a psychiatrist.

Besides, I don't believe I've been rude or anything, do you not respect other people's views or opinions perchance? How hypocritical.

Homosexuality and race wars aside, the invite is renewed. From next sunday onward we'll be watching "Initial D Fourth Stage", if you wanna join us show up then. Same rules mentioned in my original post >>37445 apply. Initial D is bretty damn good, don't miss a good time.



The kindest you could be is not coming here if you know that you can't help being rude.



Expressing opinions that you don't like isn't rude.




that sounds more passive-agressive than it sounds /kind/ friendo, also nice assumption that he was gay while he didn't even say he was, do you think everyone who doesn't hate gays is gay themself?

>b-but it's just my opinion

hate to break it to you but opinions can be unkind too, keep them to yourself if it doesn't contribute to anything


i wouldn't say half but more like one eight, still that isn't an excuse though to encourage passive-agressive behavior like he just did



You attempt to criticize others for assuming a poster was "gay", but then go on to assume one eighth of the posters on this board are. You also attempt to criticize others for unkindness and passive aggression while mocking another poster in the same post. Simply put you're a hypocrite. The only problem here is this gay NSA nigger that can't handle seeing opinions it doesn't like.



not lying. there was a poll here maybe a year ago, and it turned out that maybe a third of people here were gay or bi (half was probably a bit of an exaggeration, but to be fair it was quite a while ago)



can anyone post discord invitations of the different groups?


File: 2cb0ee16b04d687⋯.png (1.39 MB, 1512x850, 756:425, hime1.png)

i made a


it's basically a monster girl board like /monster/ but with the same attitude as /kind/. if you want to post monster girls in a comfortable space this is the board for you


File: f4119f6df315024⋯.gif (1.78 MB, 500x360, 25:18, 1488795002920.gif)

I'm trying to raise money for my pops on his insistence using Gofundme. Paying off medical bills, medications, and housing because he is seventy and laid off (he's done some contract work but it's fizzled out). He doesn't want me to share it though with people we know. Anybody care to donate so it can start showing up on searches?

Alternatively, where can I shill it?



>where can I shill it?

right here is fine.

I personally don't have much money to spare, but maybe some other anons would chip in



I suppose. Don't like hanging my real identity on 8chan. But I might if you're willing. Or anybody that's interested, we can go via email.

I posted it on normiebook and nobody's even responded to it. :<


Hi ther's this board called /kind/ i really like and would like lots more people to post there

please go if u like



Yes I saw that board, didn't look like the type of place where people post about money needs. Think it's still worth it?


Hunger games thing is open on sudo right now incase you're interested



File: 26b7bff771678a6⋯.jpg (60.13 KB, 632x1024, 79:128, 7cf1n6zm60401.jpg)

I like browsing Tohno-chan, it's my home on the internet and I love it very much. Though the way I love it is like a family who you respect but also want to slap upside the head sometimes.


File: 08d419efb29015e⋯.jpg (30.09 KB, 225x350, 9:14, 1d7aaf6aa1c245923a0a4a72e3….jpg)

join my server onegai



File: 9d769b22a4fde6f⋯.jpg (82.79 KB, 1024x742, 512:371, f2280a1220f16c3ef56100ed3c….jpg)

Can someone play the quest I've made?

Just for a little while atleast.



File: 0e758bdee62f2c6⋯.jpeg (28.06 KB, 600x417, 200:139, 0e758bdee62f2c66c40312800….jpeg)

Hi there, i am currently going through a lot of financial difficulties and i am in great need of of some money; once my ideal goal of £15 is fuffiled, i will close the thread; thanks in advance/kind/ :3. My paypal is https://paypal.me/pools/c/80AlTA2TY8



Good, I'm glad. I'm sick of /cuteboys/, it's a horrible bitchfest. Much nicer and /kind/er here.


File: 6070aaa6330b300⋯.png (1.03 MB, 1024x576, 16:9, 6e3498b84976987c8c278d2b96….png)


There's a campaign for Orange Juice plushies. I backed it and I'm looking forward to getting a Sora.


File: 2d72fd980e097cf⋯.jpg (35.02 KB, 636x386, 318:193, cure chin.jpg)


File: 5e4912d97e9345a⋯.png (149.29 KB, 586x289, 586:289, harry hare time to fucking….png)



Alright time to ask strangers for help.

My two best friends just moved far away and they got screwed with additional costs they weren't told about. These guys have been so godamn good to me and it kills me that my broke ass can't help them out. So I'm taking the time to try and shill this for them, it's all I can do


File: b9fe6782b02ece0⋯.jpg (30.9 KB, 480x360, 4:3, hqdefault.jpg)

can anyone gift me Overwatch please?



Battletag is yovanyovo#2510

AMA you want to know to see if I deserve it…


im going to beg you to join my shitty/mediocre server




File: e5e502b0bc93b0a⋯.jpg (64.41 KB, 527x527, 1:1, JPEG_20180430_223818.jpg)

do you love to cuddle, snuggle, huggle pat nuzzle and do other comfy stuff with people? find a cuddlebuddy from our growing server!

it's like third time i'm making one because previous ones kept on dying but this one won't die again!!!



here is a youtube channel where i perform random acts of kindness, online and irl.

it's extremely new and i've never started a semi serious channel before. honestly have no idea what im doing.

but im thinking of giving out 100 usd next month when i have money again because poor.

perhaps if i am lucky and make money on my videos i will be able to be even more kind to more people



crap i forgot to link the channel cuz im dumb and nervous



File: 44fe3701db09c87⋯.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x1080, 1:1, 20398365_105060686853337_6….jpg)



Pretentious server that the members think they're sophisticated and more mature by having autistic taste in music, film, weeb trash and much more. When in reality this false sense of superiority stems from mental illness and crippling insecurities regarding their self-worth and self-esteem.

No one cares if you listen to stupid inaccessible music such as war metal, harsh noise wall, power electronics, powerviolence and other hipster bullshit. No one cares about your taste. Everyone sees through your pseudo intellectual bullshit.

This server tries to isolate itself from the immaturity, toxicity and shitposting from the average discord server. Though this is just putting on airs, when in reality everyone here still just as bad.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Just because you wasted countless hours time researching some inaccessible and obscure media that no one else has heard of because most people have better things to do with their time, doesn't mean you're better than anyone.

The people here despises themselves immensely and seeks validation from anyone that will listen.

Oh we do events sometimes like drawpiles, rabbit sessions, writing prompts and book discussions sometimes.

We purge inactives occasionally, so it's currently <100 members.


File: 4213233cf8e6fa4⋯.jpg (213.55 KB, 700x800, 7:8, 9cc0b9e64c1a7df63b91cfa946….jpg)

Hello! My friend just made a new discord server and he's looking for members. Programmers are very welcome but anybody who can take it easy is just fine.

MS-DOS 6 Upgrade Party:




"This link is invalid or has expired"


File: 9a124418b513b0e⋯.png (33.45 KB, 217x183, 217:183, lonelybutt.png)

>>>/writ/ (dead board)

>>>/hgg/ (nsfw)


File: 30afd6d01e8a457⋯.png (2.02 MB, 1472x2117, 1472:2117, 54ba4c1690a0bfc4cd1f69ef02….png)



Sorry, here's a better one.



I made a discord server with only two rules, no spamming and no illegal content, because I was tired of being rulecucked 1,000,000 times. the last straw was having my youtube URL's auto deleted by a bot, most cuck thing I've ever seen.


File: 20fa6b0843aca23⋯.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1068, 90:89, money birb.png)

While my dad was stationed overseas, he met a military officer and became good friends with him. Recently, he's fallen on very hard times, and my dad set up a GoFundMe without his knowledge to help him out as best he can. Any amount would be greatly appreciated by me, my dad, and most importantly, this young man.

You can find more information about him here:



I wonder if this counts as e-begging. Please be my friend. My Discord is Hikari#0504.



I think the "Making Friends!" thread is more appropriate for your case. People looking for a friend probably aren't going to look in a advertising/e-begging thread.




Thank you.



im getting my board started up again.

there's not a lot for people to do on my board, it's very personal, but you can read about my book and make suggestions i guess. im a retard and could use help. i know some people are interested in world building, isnt that what /tg/ is all about? i dunno.

yeah no hard feelings if you dont want to read 4000 words about my own crap

i disabled thread creation cause of bullies but you can still post in existing threads


File: e81d176d1b28631⋯.png (35.73 KB, 370x320, 37:32, 16809630@2x.png)


Can someone please buy me a nintendo switch?


File: ef7bbdffaf714a8⋯.png (56.31 KB, 402x562, 201:281, b31d705abc6a1fb032f21b3604….png)

hello friends if your intrested in browsing a new chan that is still growing 64ch.net we will welcome you



File: 50009518b24cb49⋯.jpg (121.85 KB, 800x1029, 800:1029, 1446232313979.jpg)

I have a desire deep inside of me.

I can't really talk about it, because people irl find it weird, and so i must often retreat to the darkest corners of the internet to be able to as much as share it.

So i'm here, today, to beg you all to help me.

Please, everyone, smile for me. Be happy, live a nice, fulfilling life. And have a good christmas :)

I'm rooting for you all, okay?


File: b2fe4f92e94f380⋯.jpg (903.66 KB, 1920x1080, 16:9, 1478503500105.jpg)


Thanks anon. I needed that.

Keep it real.



What a dark fantasy. Not even the dark net fellas touch this stuff. That was beautiful.


File: b82dc8130fa6bd6⋯.png (9.43 KB, 545x273, 545:273, Capture.PNG)

i'm too poor to afford my $27 credit card payment this month. work's been getting canceled because of the holidays. i shouldn't have got a credit card i know. i'm sorry.

if you want to help out id appreciate it



File: 6b7d19d7625a368⋯.jpg (138.91 KB, 480x732, 40:61, 1394930449020.jpg)


True talk, I don't know if people ARE inherently evil, but the majority of people out there seem to think that everyone else is evil until proven otherwise.

People who are mean, never get questioned for their motives, and even gain this aura of honesty about them, cause they have the "audacity" to speak their mind, meanwhile they are simply soccumbing to their basic instincts.

I do have a reason to be kind, but sometimes I wonder if I wasn't simply born kind and had to find the most plausible excuse to simply do my thing.

What's your reason to be /kind/?


File: 691624d1e9888ff⋯.gif (345.51 KB, 540x415, 108:83, 1521857450816.gif)

Hello, I'm trying to get my comfy fren discord server more members. We are shitposty sometimes and deviant but we are kind uwu



File: 386717eaed96b2a⋯.gif (273.92 KB, 400x227, 400:227, archer sees kawaii.gif)


>What's your reason to be /kind/?

I'm an incurable moralfriend, that's what.


File: 58506d05c00c4b9⋯.jpg (56.61 KB, 614x186, 307:93, IMG_20190130_164206.jpg)


For my own mind's sake, amusingly.


My name is Daniel, today I come to you to beg you for your hard earned money.

I understand you've seen threads like these a gazilion times, but there is no harm if you read my thread and hear me out.

I am shamefully and humbly asking for financial support. which I will pay back when I get the means to. I humbly ask the everyone to not treat me harshly and rather to listen to my plea and idiotic sob story first, and after all if you feel that my post is bad just ignore me, that's all it takes.

I live in a small town, everyone knows everyone else and I lost my job at a local establishment a few months back, I haven't been able to find a job locally since 99% of placements are already taken, I've tried to talk to locals about getting financial support but to no avail, I've asked the bank for a mini loan but to no avail, I've tried easy-loan companies and failed miserably. I manage personal expenses by doing small menial tasks (farm work, moving, warehouse hourly pay and other such shit). But rent is due on the 2nd of February, and I am 800e short which means I'll be selling my phone which will get me around 300ish if I'm lucky, and I need to magically come up with the 500e remaining. I have no idea how I'll get the remaining for rent, so I thought of trying the internet, I've already tried to bid on freelance websites like freelancer, upwork and elance but I fear that even if I did get awarded a project it would take too much time (even after completion) to get paid, and my landlord is not the kind of guy that would wait, I basically need to pay the guy by max the 4th of February. Or the 5th.

I can't fuck with this guy, I've already tried talking to him (twice) about extending my rent till next month and he gave me a solid and adamant "Can't do that, either you come up with the rent or make arrangements to be out by the 5th" By contract he has already given me my month's notice to find another place since he heard that I lost my job. That was a month ago, so after an hour of negotiation with him he finally agreed to let me take the flat till March, on the condition that I come up with money.

So as you can probably imagine, I am royally and utterly fucked. I've tried to seek out help from friends and family but nobody here has that kind of money to throw around, tops I got was my best friend who gave me 100 and told me he'd want it back anyway on the 10th. So all in all I am asking the internet for support, if anyone is kind enough to throw money on a random idiot online please do so by sending it to my paypal at dandupontee@gmail.com

I swear to you this isn't a scam, I am not trying to con anyone, I am not trying to hurt anyone, nor am I trying to fuck with anyone,I am seriously naked and open here and asking for help. ranging from 1 euro all the way to the solid 800, anything that you can throw my way will incredibly help me and change my life. I will post this anywhere on the internet in the hopes that I get maximum exposure, if you want to help me please do so and I will do my best to pay you back when I do get a job and financial stability. If you guys wanna talk just write me a line on gmail or something. I don't know what to expect from this, but don't throw too much hate and shit my way because honestly I'm at rock bottom already. Last but not least, Please. I forgot to say please.


File: e81fcc45f9c5bb6⋯.jpg (69.04 KB, 546x800, 273:400, 69e2f6bdeba9b169f3679d3b50….jpg)


I won't give you money, but personally I think you should try to find a cheaper place with the little money you have left, and get your life back together from there. Maybe even ask your family to move in for a few months.

Have a cute, christian, pure girl, to cheer you up.



nice telephone


File: 7ca1c430b89bf07⋯.jpg (17.19 KB, 354x367, 354:367, 1534896332158.jpg)

Begging for something on wishlist this lunar steam sale



What would that be?


File: c39889d9f1744b6⋯.jpg (29.72 KB, 441x634, 441:634, IMG_20180808_012928.jpg)


Skyrim SE, its 15 bucks on g2a/kinguin


File: 85ee53e40b365fc⋯.png (730.5 KB, 640x640, 1:1, nNAnkTHnZdqkdqoE-9sK7FeFj3….png)

My friend has a wholesome server and thought yall might like it! They also got an art channel to share your doodles :)



File: c1ef4aa7d4efc45⋯.png (589.27 KB, 301x486, 301:486, sarah_is_now_beheaded.png)

I own a server where everyone's name is set to japanese, so join!



File: 599ffa5a131b2e9⋯.jpg (94.38 KB, 998x928, 499:464, DtjQEaTU0AAYb3B.jpg)


Would any anons mind touching the dragon? If it's not to much?


File: cfaab4a631df306⋯.gif (3.16 MB, 400x224, 25:14, 49935c6e7e92a17566bcfe73a7….gif)

File: af883bbe52812ee⋯.jpg (445.25 KB, 1000x750, 4:3, 4b79ca241eb7bfbc800a994659….jpg)

File: 21343456bf5bcf5⋯.jpg (583.52 KB, 1280x1024, 5:4, 51a78540a8ac8053359cacdc92….jpg)

File: 74d603939f7c2c0⋯.jpg (1.91 MB, 4093x6024, 4093:6024, fc611792a8212ec607184ec08e….jpg)

I just made a board for anime older sisters called /onee/. It's super new but I hope it can take off a bit.

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